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daVinci Payments Opens London Office to Meet Global Demand for Real-Time Payments

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Today, leading fintech provider daVinci Payments announced it is opening a London office to better serve its clients. With more than 25 clients in Europe, daVinci’s UK base will help deliver payments in the UK and internationally. The new office will allow daVinci to provide “glocal” service – global support with local service for all its globally operating clients.

The internet continues to drive explosive growth in cross-border, virtual and physical payments made in real time to pay and engage global consumers, employees, contractors, channel partners and businesses. The opening of daVinci’s London office is a natural extension of the growth the company is experiencing.

“The UK is a global Fintech hub that is deeply connected to all leading markets around the world,” said Rodney Mason, daVinci CRO. “Our London base will enable us to provide the absolute best service in the region and internationally, as we continue our growth as a global brand.”

“Opening their European office shows daVinci’s commitment to investing in their existing client partnerships and will serve to bolster the already fantastic service it provides in our industry,” said Phil Mooney, executive director of the IMA Europe. “We’re excited to have a local team in Europe to support the rapid payment programs our industry has come to rely on.”

The UK office will be led by daVinci’s European Managing Director, Sebastien Van Schalkwyk. Van Schalkwyk was formally a daVinci UK client and joined daVinci in 2018, at which time he moved to the US to be embedded in all facets of the business to prepare for daVinci’s UK expansion. Van Schalkwyk played a critical role in organising the opening of the London office and has now relocated back to the UK to run the operation.

Previously, Sebastien served as Marketing Director at VIGA, a Next Fifteen communications company, where he led all marketing activity for the company’s B2B and B2C brands. He has held leadership positions at Betsson Group and Dynata, where he first partnered with daVinci to deliver prepaid rewards.

In his role at the London office, Van Schalkwyk will leverage his extensive marketing, strategy and operations experience in support of daVinci’s customers across the globe. Van Shalkwyk’s London team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans and will be supported by daVinci’s global operations.

Sebastien noted, “We are excited to have our customer-first focus on the ground in the UK to unlock the full value of our service for our customers and their business objectives.”

The UK office will officially open its doors Wednesday, February 26—the same date the first ever one Pound note was issued in 1797. daVinci Payments is the future of that legacy, as it delivers British Pound Sterling—and many other currencies—around the world at the speed of light.

About daVinci Payments

daVinci Payments is leading the payments movement to greater value, meshing art and science to create innovative corporate-funded payments for businesses, their customers, employees, contractors, participants and channel partners around the world at the speed of light. daVinci is owned by Syncapay, a holding company investing in the new frontier of payments.​