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Dawex Raises €5 Million to Accelerate the Development of the Data Economy

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a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the
largest data marketplace, today announced a new round of funding of €5
million with Amadeus
(AMS.MC), Itochu
(ITOCY), Bouygues
(BOUY.PA) and a French web entrepreneur entering
Dawex’s capital, also joined by the historical investor Caisse
des Dépôts
(via its Banque des Territoires). Total funds raised from
inception tops €12 million, including the recent €2.5M grant from
Horizon 2020, the biggest European
Union Research & Innovation program
. Dawex co-founders Fabrice
Tocco and Laurent Lafaye remain majority shareholders, retaining full
control over the company’s strategy and operations.

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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and the
emergence of Smart Cities, among other disruptive trends like the
autonomous cars, huge quantities of valuable data are being generated,
analyzed and exchanged. New data-driven ecosystems are emerging that
organizations can strategically leverage using secure data marketplaces
and data exchange platforms.

Since 2015 Dawex
is to create the conditions for the smooth development of
the data economy by facilitating the exchange of data between companies
and organizations. This new round of funding will support the company’s
ambition to make Dawex the data exchange platform reference, by
accelerating its development in Europe and the United States, by
establishing itself in Asia and the Middle East, and by pursuing its
investment in technology and innovation.

“Data ecosystems are redefining competition, and the most data-driven
companies will be the leaders of the new data economy”, said Laurent
Lafaye, Dawex co-founder and co-CEO. “Becoming data-driven requires a
shift in the enterprise’s mindset and culture, but also the right
technology to accelerate, streamline and secure data exchanges
internally and externally, in compliance with new data regulations. This
is exactly what Dawex provides”.

“Dawex is excited to bring together such high-profile corporations and
leaders in their respective markets to invest in our data exchange
technology.” said Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-founder and co-CEO. “Their
engagement as corporations in supporting our innovation reflects the
strategic role that data exchange platforms play in today’s
organizations and how they could impact the future of our economy.”

Today 7,000 organizations from 20+ industries,
such as agriculture, air & space, automobile, financial services &
insurance, construction, energy, logistics & transportation, retail,
telco, travel & hospitality, rely on Dawex Global
Data Marketplace
and Data
Exchange Platform
technology to source, commercialize, and share
data directly between them, securely and efficiently. Dawex solutions
are enterprise-grade and highly scalable also integrating new
technologies such as the blockchain.

Dawex expertise on data economy is recognized by major analyst &
research firms and institutions. Dawex is a consortium member of
European projects like CyberSec4Europe and Data Pitch, and gold award
winner at the French American Business Awards 2018, San Francisco.

About Dawex

Dawex, a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of
the largest data marketplace, allows organizations to orchestrate data
circulation by sourcing, monetizing and exchanging data directly without
intermediary, securely, efficiently and in full compliance with
regulations. Today 7,000 organizations from 20+ sectors rely on Dawex Global
Data Marketplace
and Dawex Data
Exchange Platform
technology to build their data exchange strategy.
Created in 2015, Dawex is a French company with offices in Paris, Lyon,
San Francisco and Montreal, expanding business operations in Asia and
the Middle East.

About Amadeus

“Travel powers progress. Amadeus powers travel.” Amadeus’ solutions
connect travelers to the journeys they want through travel agents,
search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and
railways. Our purpose is to shape the future of travel.

About Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction, with
operations in more than 60 countries. It designs, builds and operates
projects in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry. As a
responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Bouygues
Construction sees innovation as its primary source of added value.

About the Caisse des Dépôts Group

Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiaries form a public long-term investor
group serving the general interest and economic development of local
areas. It combines five areas of expertise: pensions and professional
training, asset management, monitoring subsidiaries and strategic
shareholdings, business financing (with Bpifrance) and Banque des

About Itochu Corporation

With approximately 110 bases in 63 countries, ITOCHU, one of the leading
sogo shosha, is engaging in domestic trading, import/export, and
overseas trading of various products, as well as business investment in
Japan and overseas.