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Dawson Dental Adapts to Patients’ Needs with Relaunch of Virtual Consultations and a Brand-New Website

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Despite the many challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak caused for the dental profession, Dawson Dental continued to support and provide care to their patients while employing all safety precautions and protocols. Most locations remained opened for emergency care during the lockdown periods but with routine dental services suspended, the main challenge was catering to patients with non-emergency dental issues and avoiding any further delays for those who were partway through their treatment plans when the lockdowns came into effect.

Understanding that oral care is an essential service that should not be postponed, but also recognizing the importance of improving patient choice during these fraught times, Dawson Dental relaunched their free virtual consultation platform that provided new and existing patients the option to connect with Dr. Gelfand, Chief Dental Surgeon, over video rather than the traditional face-to-face.

While the addition of video consultations in the current climate has been a swift response based on the crisis that dental providers have found themselves in during COVID-19, Dawson Dental found that the platform has offered residual benefits and estimates that it will continue to do so long into the recovery phase of the pandemic. These include the opportunity for remote patients to have their initial consultation without having to travel, and an uptake in consultation requests from people suffering from dental fear or anxiety. “Having that one-to-one face time with patients before they even set foot in the office helps build rapport, establish patient/provider trust, and eliminate the fear of the unknown,” says Dr. Edward Gelfand.

The platform has allowed anxious patients to take that first step towards getting the care they need without the barriers of being in a dental office i.e., sounds, smells, etc. which can often act as triggers.

To provide patients with a more comprehensive online resource, Dawson Dental also recently launched their new website. The focus of the redesign was to deliver a better online experience and nurture the professional and compassionate culture Dawson Dental is so proud of.

Several highlights include:

  • Easier navigation and search functionality
  • Improved user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Cleaner, more responsive design
  • Enhanced location pages to help you learn more about each location and team.
  • More educational videos to explain specific services.

All modifications were made with patient care and experience in mind. The new intuitive layout means that information is always easily within reach, giving patients easier access to before and after photos, office information, and services.

Dawson Dental has always taken a holistic approach to dentistry, emphasizing the importance of oral health for overall health. The new blog section keeps patients apprised on all things related to the maintenance of oral care with helpful tips, descriptions of dental health problems, and the appropriate treatment options.

About Dawson Dental

Celebrating 25 years of creating confident smiles and excellence in oral healthcare, Dawson Dental has been striving to redefine the dentistry experience to one that is bold, comfortable, innovative, and always based on building lasting, lifelong relationships with our patients and their families. Dr. Edward Gelfand opened his first dental office on Dawson Road in Guelph, Ontario in 1996, followed by Newmarket and then another in Guelph’s South end shortly after. Today, Dawson Dental Centre has 33 locations across Ontario. Each location is run with a personalized approach and key focus on patient satisfaction.

Our clinical team, general dentists and specialists have years of experience creating personalized smiles for any age. Our centers are equipped to offer various Sedation Dentistry options for patients with all levels of anxiety.

For more information about Dawson Dental, visit or contact us at or Christine Humeniuk, Marketing Manager 1-855-417-0314