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DC BLOX Selects SwiftStack to Deliver Multi-Region Cloud Storage Service for Southeastern U.S.

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SwiftStack, the leader in multi-cloud data storage and management, announced today that DC BLOX, a multi-tenant data center provider in the Southeastern U.S., has deployed SwiftStack software to power its own multi-region, hyper-scale cloud storage service for its customers’ business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

DC BLOX builds and manages secure, reliable data center facilities in traditionally underserved markets for clients such as enterprise, government and education, managed service providers, healthcare, life sciences and content providers. DC BLOX offers affordable business-class colocation and cloud storage services, with a private, high-performance network across the Southeast to ensure business continuity and to support hybrid IT environments without a large up-front capital spend.

To meet the growing demand for affordable secondary storage services and expand to more regions, DC BLOX required a new storage platform that could perform, scale seamlessly, leverage many geographic regions, give its end users the ability to specify where the data should be located, and support both traditional and cloud-native applications.

After evaluating several leading object and file storage options, the company selected SwiftStack to provide a turnkey platform for its DC BLOX Cloud Storage. With SwiftStack, DC BLOX created a multi-region cluster that currently spans three locations, with one under construction – and 15 more to come.

DC BLOX had already invested a great deal in its existing storage hardware, and appreciated that SwiftStack could repurpose and utilize that existing infrastructure, which kept their costs contained. It began with eight petabytes of raw capacity and as they scale, they can add standard, off-the-shelf hardware and ensure costs are always optimized. It was able to integrate additional provisioning, user management, and security capabilities for its unique needs.

“SwiftStack helped us reduce the cost of storing and utilizing data, based on a comparison with other choices we considered, including the ability to manage more data with a smaller head count,” said Chris Gatch, CTO at DC BLOX. “Along with savings at scale we are able to offer innovative data services for a more compelling, more competitive solution.”

Another priority was to give customers confidence in the durability and availability of their data. SwiftStack’s multi-region capability allows for data to be stored in and accessed from any data center, for highly flexible ways to use cloud and hybrid cloud workflows, while operators and end users have full control over where the data is placed. For example, one application’s data can be stored in Atlanta, while another application can have its data exclusively stored in Huntsville and Birmingham. This helps meet availability and data protection scenarios. With SwiftStack’s 1space, organizations with private SwiftStack clusters can use DC BLOX as an alternative to AWS and other large public clouds, can connect directly to public cloud storage at significantly lower cost using DC BLOX’s network, and avoid hard-to-estimate data egress fees.

“DC BLOX offers a cloud solution that addresses the needs of the business communities they serve, and also has unique differentiators to let them compete with global public cloud providers,” said Erik Pounds, Vice President of Marketing at SwiftStack. “Giving its customers both object and file access to data ensures cloud storage is compatible with their users’ modern and legacy applications, which is a fairly unique feature compared to what is available from big cloud vendors.”

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DC BLOX is a multi-tenant data center provider delivering the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business. DC BLOX’s software-defined network services enable access to a wealth of providers, partners and platforms to businesses across the Southeast. DC BLOX’s connected data centers are in Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL; Chattanooga, TN; and Birmingham, AL. For more information, please visit, call +1. 877.590.1684, and connect with DC BLOX on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About SwiftStack

SwiftStack, founded in 2011 by some of the earliest pioneers in cloud computing, is a leading cloud storage provider for organizations that require universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace. Its software is popular in industries like media and entertainment, life sciences, and web-based business; and for functions like active archive, sharing and collaboration across multiple locations, and multi-cloud data management. SwiftStack has more than 100 customers including eBay, Pac-12 Networks, Verizon, and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and received B-series funding from OpenView Partners, Storm Ventures, UMC Capital, and Mayfield Fund. For more information visit or follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.