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Decibel Launches Special Program to Support Appsee Customers

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the leader in digital experience intelligence, is offering a special
program for Appsee customers to gain high-touch services for optimizing
their mobile app experiences. In the wake of ServiceNow’s recent
acquisition of Appsee that will leave many brands without a platform for
measuring app effectiveness, Decibel will honor the remainder of Appsee
customers’ contracts if they commit to moving to Decibel for 12 months.
This limited time offer is available now through June 14, 2019.

On May 13, ServiceNow announced the acquisition of the in-app mobile
analytics platform and R&D talent of Appsee. ServiceNow did not acquire
Appsee’s customers. With the deal expected to close at the end of this
quarter, and Appsee projected to sunset over the next 12 months, Appsee
customers will soon be unable to use data-driven intelligence to deliver
flawless app experiences unless they find an alternative solution.
Furthermore, as Appsee becomes part of a larger enterprise, investment
in the platform’s innovation is being called into question.

Decibel for Apps, an extension of its Digital Experience Intelligence
platform, enables brands to measure, benchmark and improve the mobile
app customer experience. Decibel for Apps allows brands to identify
problem areas for their app customers and alert user experience
designers and developers in real time with the necessary intelligence to
improve the experience. This capability is critical for brands as users
spend 90 percent of their time in apps and expect
a flawless experience every time

“As consumers move through mobile apps at a mile a minute, brands can’t
leave their experiences to chance,” said Ben Harris, CEO and co-founder,
Decibel. “Brands must deliver a consistent, positive experience on
mobile apps or else consumers will do business elsewhere with the touch
of a button. Decibel is proud to offer Appsee customers, who will soon
have a gap in service that they can’t afford, with best-in-class
technology to optimize experiences on apps.”

Digital Experience Intelligence platform
enables businesses to keep
a pulse on customer experiences across all digital properties, not just
apps – a critical capability as brands require a comprehensive view of
the customer journey. The platform is powered by the Digital Experience
Score (DXS), the first-ever metric for brands to quantitatively measure
customer experience across their websites and apps. Decibel’s discovery
and diagnostic features uncover the “why” behind customer behavior,
empowering brands to empathize and better communicate with customers.
Decibel has seen an impressive 91 percent customer retention rate

For more information and to take advantage of this offer, please visit here.

About Decibel
Decibel provides real-time intelligence that
enables businesses to measure and improve online customer experiences –
at scale.

Pioneering the world’s first technology designed specifically to
quantify experiences, Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform
captures unique experience data, enriched by machine learning, to reveal
digital body language, understand user state of mind and pinpoint
problem areas on your website, web applications and native apps.

Our go-to, universal metric for measuring experiences online, the
Digital Experience Score (DXS®) automatically rates the
quality of experiences and can be segmented across your entire digital
offering and audience for immediate insight into where the biggest wins
lie. This intelligence powers best-in-class forensic tools that allow
digital teams to investigate exactly how and where to optimize for
better experiences. Built on a flexible, fast, open API, Decibel makes
it easy to integrate and export smart experience data to enrich your
entire stack or model in-house.

The world’s largest companies including Lego, General Motors, British
Airways and AllState Insurance use Decibel to discover opportunities to
transform digital experience, drive brand loyalty and grow their
businesses. Find out more at