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Decoding the Potential of Analytics Solutions to Empower Businesses in 2019 | A New Article by Quantzig

How data analytics solutions can help companies across industries? (Graphic: Business Wire) 0
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How data analytics solutions can help companies across industries? (Graphic: Business Wire)

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article
on analytics
. Data analytics solutions have become a prerequisite
for businesses today to excel in a competitive marketplace. By
leveraging data analytics solutions companies, especially in the B2B
marketplace, are able to devise effective and highly specific campaigns
to reach out to prospects. Also, data analytics solutions are helping
companies to make better use of their customer and user experience data,
leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty in the long term. With the
help of algorithms, data analytics solutions help companies to
anticipate market demands to offer the product or service before it is
requested. Additionally, advanced data analytics solutions enable
enterprises to react in real time and make the customers feel personally

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How data analytics solutions can help companies across industries? (Graphic: Business Wire)

How data analytics solutions can help companies across industries? (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Applying analytics solutions to business operations helps companies
to improve efficiency and effectiveness and fulfill customer
expectations and achieve operational excellence,” says an analytics
expert from Quantzig.

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How Data Analytics Solutions Can Help Companies
Across Industries

Benefits of data analytics solutions for e-commerce businesses

Data analytics solutions such as web crawling and text mining solutions
can help e-commerce businesses to tackle critical challenges in dynamic
pricing, new product research, and competitor research. Also, it can
assist companies in optimizing pricing points, product portfolios and to
boost profitability.

Benefits of data analytics solutions for healthcare companies

Healthcare companies are dealing with several challenges such as rising
cost of care, medicinal and technological advancements and changes in
policy and regulations. But data analytics solutions can help them to
minimize healthcare waste, provide cost-effective treatments to patients
and reduce hospital readmissions.

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Benefits of data analytics solutions for B2B companies

Companies in the B2B marketplace are finding it difficult to analyze the
future impact of a change in marketing metrics and optimize their
investments to drive profits. Also, several external factors are
resulting in an increase in the market spend for B2B businesses. This is
where data analytics solutions such as market mix modeling can help
companies to set the correct foundation for their marketing strategies
and branding solutions.

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