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DeepCube Expands its Leadership Team with New Chief Executive Officer, Michael Zimmerman

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DeepCube, the award-winning deep learning pioneer, today announced the appointment of Michael Zimmerman as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Michael will drive the company’s continued growth alongside DeepCube Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Eli David, and Co-Founder and former CEO, Yaron Eitan, who will continue as Executive Chairman.

“Michael joins DeepCube to expand and accelerate the company’s production deployments, as we recently closed our Series A funding round and continue to gain momentum,” said Yaron Eitan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of DeepCube. “We’re laser-focused on enabling production-grade deep learning deployments on intelligent edge devices and in data centers, delivering the industry’s only software-based deep learning accelerator that dramatically improves performance, latency and usability.”

“We’re seeing significant commercial interest in this technology, and Michael is precisely the right person to help us scale and fast-track deployments in a time when the industry so desperately needs solutions like ours,” Eitan continued. “Michael’s deep experience in AI, as well as market traction at scale, will help us bring our technology to a market-share lead.”

Michael joins DeepCube with more than 20 years of experience working with machine learning and AI start-ups to accelerate product and go-to-market strategy in global markets. He has led several companies through successful product launches and customer acquisitions, as well as M&A transactions by global technology companies such as VMware, Mellanox/NVIDIA, Intel and AWS.

At DeepCube, Michael will spearhead the platform and production make-up, commercialization and go-to-market strategy, while amplifying the customer pipeline and forging a strong partner network. He is based in San Francisco, CA, and will work closely with the DeepCube teams in New York and Tel Aviv.

“I’m thrilled to join DeepCube and help the team capitalize on the momentum it has achieved since its launch earlier this year,” said Michael Zimmerman, CEO of DeepCube. “Undoubtedly, AI is a rapidly evolving and crowded space. But DeepCube stands out for its unmatched expertise, powerful technology, and overarching understanding of how to scale efficient and lightweight deep learning deployments at the edge. That is exactly where the industry as a whole is moving, and DeepCube is leading the charge. I’m excited to be working with one of the best deep learning teams in the world, led by an industry leader like DeepCube’s Co-founder and CTO, Dr Eli David. Together we will bring deep learning to the next level.”

About DeepCube

DeepCube is an award-winning deep learning pioneer that provides the industry’s first software-based deep learning acceleration platform that drastically improves performance on existing hardware. Modeled after the way the human brain develops during childhood, DeepCube’s patented technology is the first to be purpose-built for deployment of deep learning models in data centers and on intelligent edge devices. Its proprietary framework can be deployed on top of any existing hardware, resulting in drastic speed improvement and memory reduction.

Led by a team of experienced deep learning researchers and developers, DeepCube has patented numerous innovations, including methods for faster and more accurate training of deep learning models, and drastically improved inference performance.

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