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DeepIntent Achieves the Industry’s First True 1:1 Marketing Solution for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Brands

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Until now, healthcare marketers relied on imprecise and inefficient targeting methods to reach and engage healthcare providers. No longer.

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MarketMatch™ for Advertisers outperforms industry norms, enabling HCP advertisers to act with unprecedented precision, speed and efficiency. (Graphic: Business Wire)

MarketMatch™ for Advertisers outperforms industry norms, enabling HCP advertisers to act with unprecedented precision, speed and efficiency. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Marketing technology company, DeepIntent, today launched MarketMatch™ for Advertisers, the first end-to-end programmatic advertising solution for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands.

MarketMatch for Advertisers centralizes and connects all campaign activities so marketers can identify and target high-value healthcare providers (HCPs), measure performance at the provider-level and optimize campaigns in-flight – all within a single programmatic platform. This ground-breaking innovation enables marketers to overcome cumbersome processes and data accessibility issues that hinder HCP advertising relevance and impact. Now, healthcare marketers can act with the speed and precision needed to engage physicians and prescribers as they consider treatment and prescription options.

“I cannot stress enough how incredible MarketMatch for Advertisers is,” said Jackie Singley, Engagement Lead at Guidemark Health. Guidemark Health has been an active beta partner since April. “In the 19 years I’ve been doing HCP media, I’ve never had access to a tool like this. It makes my job significantly easier and saves me an enormous amount of time. My clients are impressed by how precisely we’re able to target their specific audience. This tool makes us smarter and more competitive.”

MarketMatch for Advertisers consists of two connected applications: MarketMatch Planner (supports HCP advertising strategy) and the MarketMatch DSP (supports HCP advertising activation). Users can toggle seamlessly between these applications to plan, activate, measure, and optimize HCP campaigns within one programmatic platform.

Benefits for HCP brands and agencies:

  • Real-time, 95%+ NPI match, in 10 seconds or less: the platform’s built-in identity solution matches NPI (national provider ID) lists with digital IDs (cookies, device IDs) and offline clinical, behavioral, and contextual data, in a privacy-compliant way – beating the industry norm of 3-7 days
  • Exploratory access to 1.6M+ verified and addressable HCPs: allows segmentation based on 110K+ diagnostic and procedure codes, prescribing behavior for 80K+ drugs, 500+ provider specialties, with continuously-refreshed data
  • Dynamic forecasting: MarketMatch Planner provides real-time match rates and delivery forecasts, to gauge performance before sending segments to the MarketMatch DSP
  • Provider-level measurement: the first and only platform to deliver real-time, provider-level performance insights to inform strategic and tactical in-flight campaign optimizations
  • Efficient, comprehensive campaign management: users can create and activate programmatic audiences, monitor campaigns, and optimize in-flight performance – all within a single platform; campaigns can be set-up and pushed live in under 5 minutes

“Before MarketMatch for Advertisers, our clients were burdened by the vast complexities inherent to planning and activating a data-driven healthcare campaign. From orchestrating data deliveries to coordinating vendor list matches, launching a campaign was seemingly more complicated than the tangle of programmatic advertising itself,” said DeepIntent Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Paquette. “We listened to their pain, and today it brings me great pleasure to see the immediate benefit that our clients are achieving with DeepIntent’s latest innovation. Campaigns that previously took weeks to plan for now take only minutes to forecast, build and launch. MarketMatch for Advertisers has and will continue to improve the way healthcare providers learn about and employ the latest information about life-changing treatments and therapies for our key stakeholder: the patient.”

MarketMatch for Advertisers has been in beta testing with users since April 2019. It is now available to all advertisers for immediate use. For more information, visit

About DeepIntent

DeepIntent is a marketing technology company that helps healthcare brands strengthen communication with patients and healthcare professionals by enabling highly effective digital advertising campaigns. DeepIntent’s healthcare technology platform, MarketMatch™, connects advertisers, data providers, and publishers to operate the first unified, programmatic marketplace for healthcare marketers. DeepIntent was founded by Memorial Sloan Kettering alumni in 2015 and acquired by Propel Media, Inc. in 2017. The company serves major pharmaceutical and Fortune 500 companies out of offices in New York, California, and India. Email to learn more.