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Deliv Forms Subsidiary and Hires Drivers as Employees in California

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a leader in same day delivery that powers many of the nation’s top
retailers and businesses across 35 markets and 1,400 cities, today
announced that it created a wholly owned subsidiary that will hire
drivers as employees in California. The move was initiated by Deliv in
response to the needs of its retail and business partners, its vast base
of drivers as well as the ever evolving legal and regulatory landscape
of the classification of independent contractors in California. Cost
effective same day delivery depends on the technology and business
model, not the classification of workers. Deliv was designed to power
high quality service, positive economics and flexibility for drivers
regardless of whether they are independent contractors or employees. It
is for this reason that Deliv can easily create its new subsidiary.

The subsidiary, Deliv California, Inc. will first launch in Sacramento
and roll out across California by the end of August. The subsidiary will
license Deliv’s proprietary platform that currently powers independent
contractors across the country to now power Deliv California’s new
employee drivers.

A convergence of several factors drove Deliv to make this decision. The
recent push from leading retailers to offer standard, one day delivery
triggered a flood of inquiries to Deliv from companies interested in
utilizing Deliv’s technology and network in new ways to offer same day
and next day delivery. For example, some companies have asked whether
Deliv’s business is flexible enough to be used with employees, and
others have inquired if they can leverage Deliv’s unique technology with
their own employee workforce. Likewise, some drivers have communicated
their interest in receiving employee benefits while maintaining the
flexibility they value.

“Deliv has always been at the forefront of changes in the market–
including predicting that same day would eventually replace two day and
even one day delivery,” said Daphne Carmeli, CEO and founder of Deliv.
“In any disruptive market, you want to build as much flexibility in the
system as possible to support changing requirements and preferences over
time. We are happy that the decisions and investments we’ve made over
the past seven years allow us to easily adjust to evolving market

While most delivery companies and marketplaces have focused on providing
on-demand, point-to-point deliveries, from its inception Deliv designed
a unique business model with predictable, scheduled windows and multiple
stop delivery routes. Another key point of differentiation is that
independent contractors, and now employee drivers with Deliv California,
enjoy the flexibility and predictability of choosing their preferred,
multi hour blocks from a self service scheduling platform and are paid
an hourly rate. The Deliv platform is unique as it predicts and balances
supply with demand in real time and continually optimizes routes to
fully utilize drivers across their self-scheduled hours. The company’s
technology combined with the density and efficiencies created by Deliv’s
business model makes Deliv’s business agnostic to the classification of
the driver.

Although Deliv California’s drivers will be managed as employees, they
will continue to be able to work as much or as little as they want. They
can apply to join as part-time or full-time employees and will receive a
broad range of compelling new benefits, even some that are above what is
required by law. These benefits include health, vision, dental and even
pet insurance as well as paid sick leave, retirement 401K plan, flexible
spending accounts, reimbursable expenses, specialized training, career
development opportunities and branded Deliv shirts. Full-time driver
employees will also be offered stock option incentives and paid time off.

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About Deliv

Deliv is a leading, last mile logistics company that powers scheduled,
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Focused exclusively on moving goods, Deliv operates as a service for
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The company currently operates in 35 markets and more than 1,400 cities.
Deliv is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and is backed by global
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