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Delivery Biz Pro Services New Zealand’s Eketahuna Country Meats

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Biz Pro (DBP)
, a unit of GetSwift, Inc. (GetSwift) and global
farm-to-table SaaS provider, which offers software to facilitate
delivery between farms and providers of fresh produce to homes and
businesses, is pleased to welcome New Zealand’s Eketahuna
Country Meats
 to its platform.

Eketahuna Country Meats is a family-owned and operated online service
specializing in sustainably-raised beef, lamb, and pork, along with
fresh glass-bottled milk, to customers in New Zealand. This is the
latest in a series of relationships DBP has developed recently and
underscores its flexibility to help companies across the globe.

“We have been able to expand product volume while improving speed and
range of delivery,” said Steve Olds, Founder of Eketahuna Country Meats.
“For perishable items like fresh meat and milk, it’s critical to reach
our customers in a timely, accurate fashion and DBP has simplified the
process dramatically.”

While Eketahuna previously offered milk at some Wellington markets, DBP
is helping the company bring back the tradition of fresh, full-cream
milk delivered straight to home doorsteps in glass bottles.

Judd Payne, Vice President at GetSwift, added “It’s great to see a
company like Eketahuna joining the local farm-to-table movement. Their
commitment to quality and transparency in producing meats and dairy is
absolutely refreshing…the words ‘commercialized’ and ‘processed’ are far
removed from this farm.”

Eketahuna prides itself in offering meats and milk from animals raised
entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and farmed with minimal
pesticide use. The company started eight years ago, initially selling
beef and lamb from its own 300-acre farm and has since made partnerships
with a small number of family farms.

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