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Demand for ObserveIt Grows as the U.S. Marks First-ever Insider Threat Awareness Month

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ObserveIT, the leading Insider Threat Management platform, today celebrates reaching the 2000 customer milestone as it recognizes September as the first Insider Threat Awareness Month, as designated by the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NSCS) and the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF).

This U.S.-led initiative is designed to encourage companies and government agencies to familiarize their workforces with how to identify and report potential Insider Threats. Reflective of the growing recognition of Insider Threats as a unique security threat vector, ObserveIT sees surging interest in its services from across the Global 2000.

A 2019 Forrester report shows that 53% of data breaches originated with insiders – employees, third party vendors or contractors – in the past year. [1] Insider Threats can be motivated by a range of factors from financial gain and revenge, to ideological espionage on behalf of a nation-state. But they also can take place by accident, with trusted insiders being reckless with data or access rights, or being tricked by sophisticated bad actors.

“Anyone with regular access to critical systems, files, and data to do their jobs has the potential to be an Insider Threat,” said Mike McKee, CEO at ObserveIT. “Unfortunately, this is an enormously complex problem that endpoint-based security solutions don’t directly address. Given trusted insiders, acting maliciously or negligently, can cause substantial damage and even compromise national security, there is really no room for complacency when it comes to the Insider Threat.”

“With ObserveIT in place, we’re reassured that we have full visibility into all user and data activity across endpoints and the cloud. In doing so, we know we have the right tools in place – and expertise at hand – to make sure we are best protected from both intentional malicious insider activity, as well as any inadvertent data loss,” said Dave Ruedger, Chief Information Security Officer at RMS.

According to a blog post written by Joseph Blankenship, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research, “Awareness of the [Insider Threat problem] is only the first step in addressing it. Defending against Insider Threats requires a multifaceted approach and buy-in from all parts of the organization. Technology alone won’t solve it.” [2]

Joseph Blankenship will join ObserveIT’s Head of Security, Chris Bush in a webinar on 24 September 2019 at 1 pm EDT, to discuss the human motivation and user activity angle of Insider Threats as well best practices for Insider Threat programs. Register here.

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[2] Insider Threat Gets Its Own National Awareness Month, September 2019 Forrester Blog Post

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