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Devising a Profitable Online Marketing Strategy Using Data Governance | Quantzig’s Case Study on the E-commerce Market

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A global data analytics and advisory firm, Quantzig, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of their latest data governance engagement.

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In this digital age, the protection of sensitive data is one of the major concerns of all the large, medium, and small-scale e-commerce industry players. Companies are adopting sound data governance programs, which use strategies and technologies to facilitate business data compliance with regulations and corporate rules. Such strategies are backed by effective data governance best practices, which hold the key to curtail risks as well as to secure data value.

Having a robust data governance framework is much needed for various reasons – primarily it gives a business the flexibility to serve the ever-growing needs of the rapidly growing e-commerce industry. Request a FREE proposal today to know more about our services.

Engagement Overview

The e-commerce industry client wanted to establish hierarchical master data, which would unify multiple data sources, such as performance and other business aspects related data. The client wanted to analyze the master data on a continuous basis to track shopping behavior and customer affinity for the e-commerce business sites to outline their business plan. The client was looking forward to leveraging Quantzig’s data governance solutions to identify pointers to enhance traffic and campaign performance.

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“A scalable, dynamic data governance framework for the e-commerce industry can help in addressing requirements associated with keeping up with industry trends,” says a data governance engagement expert from Quantzig.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s data governance experts adopted a data-driven approach to create a centralized data inventory for this e-commerce industry player, which categorized data. This resulted in fostering data integrity which is much required in the e-commerce industry. The data was analyzed by Quantzig’s data governance experts to determine performance pointers for this e-commerce industry player and tracked customer’s online shopping frequency. It enabled the client to determine traffic flow and, thereby, outline their online business strategy accordingly.

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Quantzig’s data governance solutions helped the client:

  • Determine traffic flow
  • Build a robust online business strategy

Deploying a data governance framework can help you gain a front-line advantage in today’s complex e-commerce business scenario. Request for more information to deploy a data governance framework.

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