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Dexcom and DreaMed Diabetes Announce Collaboration to Integrate Dexcom CGM Data into DreaMed Advisor

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DreaMed Diabetes Ltd., the developer of personalized diabetes management solutions, and DexCom Inc., the leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for people with diabetes, announced a data partnership agreement. The collaboration enables a seamless data transfer of CGM data from Dexcom into DreaMed Advisor, an advanced decision support platform designed to assist healthcare professionals in the optimization of patient-specific insulin therapy for people with diabetes.

DreaMed Advisor is a cloud-based digital solution generating insulin delivery recommendations by analyzing information from CGM, self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) and insulin delivery devices. Its current version, DreaMed Advisor Pro, applies event-driven adaptive learning to refine its understanding for each individual. The solution sends recommendations to healthcare providers on how to optimize patient insulin pump settings for basal rate, carbohydrate ratio (CR) and correction factor (CF). The NextDREAM consortium has recently completed a multicenter, multinational, randomized controlled study with 108 subjects to evaluate DreaMed Advisor Pro in comparison to experts from the NextDREAM consortium.

“DreaMed Diabetes’ mission is to supply people with diabetes and healthcare professionals with a reliable, automated decision-support tool that empowers every patient to receive the best care,” says Eran Atlas, CEO of DreaMed Diabetes. “We are excited to be working with an industry leader like Dexcom. By cooperating, we can increase accessibility of the DreaMed Advisor to people using Dexcom CGM devices and allow their caregivers to provide true patient-centered care.”

“We launched our retrospective API to make Dexcom CGM data available to the global community of pioneering software developers and engineers,” said Annika Jimenez, senior vice president of software and data solutions at Dexcom. “DreaMed’s Advisor platform, integrated with Dexcom CGM data, is a perfect example of the opportunity created by our API, as well as the innovative new treatment and management solutions it brings to people with diabetes.”

About DreaMed Diabetes

DreaMed Diabetes is a medical device company providing personalized diabetes treatment optimization solutions. The company was established in 2014 and commercialized its first product, GlucoSitter, an artificial pancreas technology which was licensed to Medtronic Diabetes. Ever since, DreaMed Diabetes has been vigorously working on the DreaMed Advisor portfolio, decision support tools in the diabetes management space. DreaMed became the first and only company in the world to receive a CE Mark and FDA clearance for DreaMed Advisor Pro, a decision support system in Type I diabetes patients using data from CGM/SMBG and insulin pumps. The company is continuing to develop the DreaMed Advisor portfolio which will aid all people living with diabetes no matter the insulin therapy or diabetes type and their healthcare professionals to provide personalized insulin therapy. For more information please visit