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DHI Telecom Acquires Trinus for its Market Share of Mobile WiFi in Latin America

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Today, CEO of DHI Telecom Wallace Davis announced the acquisition of Trinus, a WiFi device and SIM card telecom company positioned in Chile and Peru with a commercial travel focus. The Trinus business model centers on business clients, fully 67% of the company’s revenue comes from B2B sales and 33% from consumers.

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Trinus is the leader in mobile WiFi in Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

Trinus is the leader in mobile WiFi in Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

Trinus began in October 2014 as the first low-cost roaming telecom company in Chile. Customers save up to 80% on international data. The startup immediately launched 3G SIM cards with a B2B platform and introduced WiFi devices for sale and rental through their website In 2018, they upgraded to 4G WiFi devices and 4G SIM cards. They expanded airport distribution and are scheduled to be in vending machines in all major Latin American international airports by Q4 2019. Trinus also expanded its online e-commerce store, and now offers a variety of high-tech products for travelers.

Latin America is a top-tier market for travel. There were 70 million international departures and 112 million international arrivals in 2017. Europe is the most popular destination accounting for 55% of departures, followed by North America at 17% and Latin America at 16%.

Trinus is the third international WiFi company to join the DHI portfolio in the past nine months, following UK-based TEP Wireless, and Travel WiFi operating in France.

“Trinus had a 116% growth rate the last 12 months. They have more than 270 companies as clients and have over 5,000 customers,” Davis said. “We plan to merge the Trinus Rental WiFi business with our recent acquisitions.”

“Mr. Davis has shown once again how companies need to move fast and make bold decisions if they want to grow in this expanding global market. The acquisition of Trinus perfectly fits the international growth plans of DHI Telecom in the ISP travel market, and they have an impressive startup story,” said Simone Rigoni, Managing Director of DHI’s Rental WiFi business.

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