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DHI Telecom Merges London-Based TepWireless and Paris-Based TravelWiFi – Creating Travelwifi for Portable 4G LTE Wi-Fi

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DHI Telecom announced today that it merged its two European mobile Wi-Fi companies — TepWireless and TravelWiFi — creating Travelwifi. The companies are identical twins with widespread Wi-Fi rental networks for business and vacation travelers. TepWireless is well-established in the UK, and TravelWiFi has market leadership for Americans visiting France. The synergies of the merger amplify seamless, secure Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the European continent and beyond with rentals and sales of SIM-free pocket-sized Wi-Fi with up to 4G LTE speeds, using CloudSIM technology in 130+ countries.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

Today, travelers depend on their smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled apps. With mobile hotspots, they no longer get hit with expensive data roaming charges from their cellular providers. Plus, they avoid the hassle of locally finding, purchasing, and installing new SIM cards when traveling from one country to another.

Travelwifi mobile devices make internet connections effortless by automatically finding the strongest cell signal available. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in. Now your phone, tablet, and laptop can surf the web with a secure, fast, private mobile Wi-Fi network that you can share with up to five devices.

“Travelwifi will first be focused on North America and Europe travel, offering portable Wi-Fi hotspots for both rental and purchase,” DHI CEO Wallace Davis said. “Travelwifi offers unlimited internet, daily rates, and high bandwidth plans.”

Travelwifi has officially launched their inaugural website with plans to continue rolling out new features. For customers, this merge expands the Travelwifi network of pickup locations throughout UK and French airports as well as numerous downtown locations.

“The new Travelwifi brand will evolve over the next year, with a new website and marketing campaign to reach international travelers on four continents,” Davis explained.


The DHI Telecom Group, LLP, was founded in 2007 by Wallace Davis and Jerry Hartless, experienced military and IT specialists partnered to deliver ISP technology in military zones. After several ISP companies failed to provide reliable solutions in Afghanistan, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service issued a solicitation to bid on turnkey ISP concession operations for every U.S./DoD military installation in Afghanistan. DHI competed against hundreds of companies, and in Q4, 2010, was awarded a long-term DoD contract. DHI continues to deliver advanced technology, including fiber-optic cable, mobile Wi-Fi devices, and high-speed internet to more than 20 bases as the largest ISP provider in active war zones. In 2017, DHI released Sapphire Mobile Hotspots to keep servicemen and women deployed overseas connected with friends and family back home with free video calls and streaming. Over the past two years, Sapphire hotspots have become essential devices for military, corporate, and leisure travelers.

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