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Digiarty Unfurls 4K-Video Related Survey in $400 Camera Gift Campaign from VideoProc

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Digiarty Software, Inc., a leading company in 4K video processing and DVD backup, unfurls a new survey-based campaign for all 4K video shutterbugs. The sweepstake is in full swing. By finishing a 1-step survey on 4K video problems from the official webpage, all participants have earned entries for the campaign and the chances to win prizes as follows:

1st Prize: 1 X $400 valued camera: GoPro or other

2nd Prizes: 5 X $59.90 VideoProc 6-Month license

3rd Prize: 5 X $20 Amazon Gift Card

With the popularization of ultra high definition in hardware filed, more shutterbugs start shooting with 4K cameras, and have a call for processing these 4K footages. For example, GoProers used to download the GoPro Studio application for processing their videos. However, there are many annoying situations related to 4K videos. Still taking GoPro as an example, some apps won’t play GoPro HEVC videos, 1-Min GoPro 4K video eats 495MB storage, Hypersmooth is disabled in low light, GoPro auto splits long video, and so on and so forth.

“This is exactly why we hold this campaign.” stated by Cecilia Hwang, Marketing Manager of Digiarty, “We expect more voices from 4K users, so we can understand what they need and provide better 4K video editing services.”

To polish up the event, VideoProc, one of Digiarty’s most promising products, has refreshed its property on processing 4K videos from GoPro, DJI OSMO Action and some other new cameras, with full GPU acceleration. And the latest version (3.3) is now being given away to all participants.

Outstanding features of VideoProc in processing 4K footages

One of the impressive features of VideoProc is HEVC codec conversion. Even though users may have some HEVC videos on hand, many devices do not support playing them. At this time, users can have a go with VideoProc to convert them to more readable ones. In its previous upgrade, some new 4K devices (new iPad Air, Huawei and Samsung Galaxy) have been updated to this list, and iPhone XI is queued to be added in its next upgrade, since Apple will bring this newest model in this Autumn.

Other important features of VideoProc

  1. Edit: cut, merge, crop, rotate, effect, slow down & speed up, etc.
  2. Fix: de-fisheye, deshake, sync A/V tracks, adjust video quality and file size, etc.
  3. Convert: transcode, convert video / DVD / audio formats, compress large (4K) video, etc.
  4. Download online content; record PC/Mac/iOS screen.

Pricing and Availability

Any participant can finish the 1-step survey, either by picking up the existing options about what problem(s) occur when dealing with 4K videos, like freeze/lag while editing 4K, 4K video playback choppy, too large to upload/share, or by writing down the 4K video problems in the “other (please specify)” column.

The campaign is available before September 9, from

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