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Digital Transformation Is Creating New Opportunities for Modernizing Oil & Gas Exploration and Production | Quantzig Explains How Oil and Gas Companies Can Capitalize on New Opportunities

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent article that examines the role of digital transformations in driving improvements in oil and gas industry.

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Thriving in the New Normal in Oil and Gas Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

Thriving in the New Normal in Oil and Gas Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

  1. The new normal in the oil and gas industry
  2. Quantzig’s perspective on optimizing process efficiency through digital transformations
  3. The need to digitally transform oil and gas exploration and production processes

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Today’s economic outlook is forcing oil and gas companies to re-examine core business capabilities and find new ways to thrive in the new normal. Irrespective of the organizational structure and size, the end-to-end digital transformation of key operational workflows in oil and gas companies will be critical for success in the post-pandemic period. Though not a business mandate, digital transformations play a huge role in driving efficiency at both the strategic- and operational- levels in the oil and gas industry. Streamlining maintenance schedules, improving output facilities, optimizing downstream capacity, and improving exploration efforts are a few areas where digital transformations can drive change and create new improvement opportunities for cost reduction, revenue generation, and process optimization.

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According to Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics experts, “Our comprehensive portfolio of oil and gas analytics solutions offer data-driven insights that help oil and gas companies to manage the huge volumes of data generated by upstream and downstream processes.”

Thriving in the New Normal in Oil and Gas Industry

1: Applying digital technologies in oil exploration and production

2: Using big data for immediate insight generation

3: Utilizing cognitive analytics and IoT to improve process efficiency

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The growing complexities in the oil and gas industry and its adverse impact on the economy is forcing oil and gas companies to undertake an end-to-end digital transformation. At Quantzig, we understand the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to digitizing business processes. And to help businesses better understand their data, we’ve curated a portfolio of advanced oil and gas analytics solutions that not just focus on enhancing oil exploration and production efficiency but help bring improvements in key areas including:

  • Business development
  • License acquisition
  • Feasibility and risk assessment
  • Well delivery and problem detection
  • Portfolio management

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