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DME Forensics Announces The Release Of DVR Examiner 3

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DME Forensics, an innovator in digital and multimedia evidence solutions, announced the launch of the latest version of its groundbreaking software DVR Examiner 3 today. The software has proven to be a game-changer in the world of DVR recovery, with the ability to recover data from surveillance systems, bypass DVR system passwords, and recover video thought to have been deleted from the DVR. The release of DVR Examiner 3 enables law enforcement, criminal and civil justice communities to recover evidence easier and faster than ever before. DVR Examiner 3 includes the ability to scan and extract data from multiple sources, such as DVR hard drives or image files, in a single case. It also includes a brand-new user interface that provides an intuitive workflow for building a detailed case, while retaining the legacy functionality of quickly exporting the data needed.

“The amount of data capacity of DVR systems continues to increase. We are also seeing the need for the ability to recover data from multiple sources, such as a DVR with two hard drives or from multiple DVR systems, becoming more frequent. We designed version 3 from the ground up, with a new user interface and several new features that help users to handle all this data faster and easier,” said Jimmy Schroering, Founder & CTO of DME Forensics.

DVR Examiner 3 is available as a free trial, as an update to an active DVR Examiner license, or as a new license purchase. The software allows users to access DVR data, even data that has been deleted, partially overwritten, or is from a non-functioning DVR system, in a forensically sound manner.

The following are some of the features new to DVR Examiner 3:

  • Ability to include multiple data sources in a single case
  • Support for several new, highly requested, DVR filesystems
  • Brand new, intuitive user interface
  • New clip filtering and sorting tools
  • Several new case management features
  • Enhanced video clip preview and gallery (frame level) preview
  • New case auto-save feature
  • Improved speed and performance

To learn more about all the new features in DVR Examiner 3 attend our upcoming Getting Started with DVR Examiner 3.0 Webinar on April 6, 2021.

About DME Forensics

DME Forensics is an innovative technology company focused on providing digital and multimedia evidence solutions to the criminal and civil justice communities worldwide. We develop technologies that assist investigators in a variety of cases, such as: terrorism, civil unrest, homicide, property crimes, and child exploitation. Our technologies are designed to help investigators quickly and easily retrieve and preserve critical video evidence in a forensically sound manner. By using our proprietary knowledge and technology, investigators are able to recover evidence that otherwise may never be recovered.