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DoctorsForMe Announces a Collaboration Agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital

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DoctorsForMe today announced an innovative collaboration that enables patients worldwide to access the world-class physicians and services of Massachusetts General Hospital through DoctorsForMe.

“Mass General is trusted by our patients as one of the best hospitals in the world for treating complex diseases. This collaboration with Mass General gives our patients the confidence they need to battle against their diseases,” said Wei-Wu He, Executive Chairman of DoctorsForMe. “We are fully committed to working with the more than 2,500 experts at Mass General to better help patients.”

ABOUT DoctorsForMe

DoctorsForMe, a Silicon Valley-based company, helps patients with complex conditions find the right doctors when they need them most. When a patient is diagnosed with a cancer or other complex condition, one of the important decisions is to find the right doctors. DoctorsForMe measures a doctor’s expertise and clinical excellence by analyzing billions of data points about doctors using big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Our goal is to precisely and independently identify the right doctors to best treat a patient’s condition. We collaborate with top hospitals to connect patients with an expert physician specialist. We protect our patients’ privacy through a HIPAA-compliant online platform. More at