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Donde Search Introduces Trends for Inspirational Visual Discovery in Online Shopping

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Donde Search leaders in AI Visual Discovery today announced Trends as part of their Visual Search Navigation solution. Retailers are looking for new ways to better identify and predict trends in order to be more efficient and responsive to the market rising trends. Adding Trends as part of Visual Search Navigation, empower retailers with a discovery solution for shoppers who need inspiration to buy. Donde is combining unique data from billions of searches performed on its platform with sophisticated algorithms data that’s being constantly analyzed from the web.

30% of shoppers know what they are looking for when shopping online and Visual Search Navigation helps them better sort and refine (visually) in the ocean of products. Donde’s Visual Search Navigation has already significantly increased retailer’s sales conversions and Average Order Value by up to 20%. The new Donde Trends Inspirational Discovery provides a great solution for 70% of shoppers that do not know what they want and are looking for inspiration to buy. Donde’s Trends combines market trends and retail specific trending items.

“For many fashion retailers, a difficulty that is commonly faced is identifying trends based on visual attributes (color, shape, style) and effectively learning from style-based customer behavior,” said Liat Zakay, Founder & CEO at Donde Search. “Our new Trends solution is a winning point for both sides, the retailer has a powerful unified tool to connect both inspirational discovery and specific search, and shoppers will be able to be inspired with new and trendy items. We are confident that Trends will increase shopper’s visual discovery engagement and will lead to a shorter time to find that perfect product.”

By implementing the new Donde solution, merchandisers will be able to leverage performance results on every trend (by the attribute level) and to see what were the most popular searches, views and purchases of the trendy attribute when combined with other attributes e.g. Balloon sleeve is more popular when coming with a solid pattern and a mint color than floral and black. Adding Trends to Visual Search Navigation can also solve the clutter of the different menus and can simplify and even replace them.

As a trusted, premium lifestyle brand and a go-to source for discovery and inspiration REVOLVE identified the potential of Donde’s new Fashion Trends feature and implemented it first. REVOLVE had already seen great results after implementing Donde’s Visual Search Navigation in 2019 with initial conversion uplifts of 11-16% in key categories, so it was only natural to add Trends to address inspirational shoppers as well.

About Donde Search

Donde Search uses Computer Vision and AI to automatically extract visual attributes from product images and turn them into unique style-based data that improves merchandising, personalization, and search across e-commerce platforms. Our rich and accurate set of attributes enables better discoverability of products and empowers shoppers with a more intuitive product discovery based on visual cues rather than words. Based on shopper’s behavior, Donde understands the personal style NDA and offers hyper-personalized recommendations matching personal style and affinity.

By integrating Donde’s technology, retailers can react faster to trends, reduce operational overhead, shorten the time to purchase and improve the user experience. Our SaaS platform is being used by leading retailers worldwide. Donde’s platform has significantly increased these retailers’ sales conversions and Average Order Value by up to 20%.

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