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Dragon Seats Enters Partnership to Provide Custom, Heated Benches for XFL’s DC Defenders

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Bourne Creation Inc. dba “Dragon Seats™”, the manufacturer and provider of patented heated and cooling sports benches to 19 NFL Member Clubs and 40 Division I college programs, announces its partnership with the DC Defenders of the XFL. During the inaugural 2020 XFL season, beginning Saturday, February 8th 2020, Dragon Seats™ will outfit the Defenders with eight of its proprietary heated benches with helmet warming and heated foot deck accessories for all five home DC Defenders games at Audi Field in Washington D.C over the 10 game season.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio with satellite offices in New York City, Dragon Seats™ has a 15-year track record as the patented and trusted temperature-controlled bench provider to NFL Member Clubs, NCAA football and baseball teams, NHL Winter Classics, outdoor hospitality spaces and now the XFL. Dragon Seats’™ clients include the 2020 Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns as well as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and The Ohio State Buckeyes, among others.

Dragon Seats™ offer several safety, performance, and comfort benefits through their patented heated and cooling bench technology that improve upon the traditional athletic bench. The DC Defenders are now equipped with eight best-in-class heated athletic benches that will line both the home and away sidelines and offer:

  • A heating system designed to warm the entire bench to keep player’s body temperatures up even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Heated foot decks providing a steady stream of hot air so that the player is warmed from both the back and front while seated.
  • “Hot Hats,” which are warming poles that players can rest their helmets on to keep the interior padding warm. Unlike a cold helmet, a warm helmet fits properly and can help protect players in freezing temperatures.
  • Ergonomically designed seating for additional comfort and support.

“We are thrilled to partner with the DC Defenders of the XFL to bring our patented heated bench technology to the DC Defenders and XFL athletes for their inaugural season. The excitement around Audi Field is incredible, and we can’t wait to get started with a new league. The XFL is putting player safety and performance at the forefront, and we’re proud to support the new XFL with our heated benches that will be on both the home and visiting sidelines at Audi Field,” says Franklin Floyd, chief operating officer at Dragon Seats™, based in New York City. “With a season that starts in February and continues into the cold winter months that can see freezing temperatures, we’re confident that our heated bench technology will make a big impact on player safety and performance.”

Dragon Seats™ aims to provide safety, performance and comfort benefits to athletes in all-weather conditions through its patented heated bench, Hot Hat helmet rack, foot deck, and cooling bench technology. Dragon Seats™ also offers a cooling bench, which was studied by Duke Sports Medicine and proven to significantly lower core body temperature, the key to defense from heat-related illness such as heat stroke. Its 15-year track record in markets ranging from the NFL to the high school level has made it the #1 bench in sports. In total, Dragon Seats heated benches and cooling benches are currently used in 75 stadiums across the United States at all levels of competition.

To learn more about Dragon Seats™ and their patented heating and cooling technology please click here. Dragon Seats™ can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About Dragon Seats™:

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Bourne Creation Inc. dba “Dragon Seats™” started as the sideline bench provider for the Cleveland Browns in 2005 and now has a 15-year track record providing safety, performance and comfort to athletes across the NFL and NCAA and other leagues. The company’s patented heated and cooling bench technology has helped it become the #1 bench in sports. Dragon Seats™ can be found on the sidelines of 19 NFL Member Clubs, 40 NCAA Division I football programs, and most recently baseball dugouts, hospitality spaces and one XFL club. In total Dragon Seats™ provides over 400 benches in 75 locations across the United States at all levels of competition. To learn more click here: