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Driving Sales with CPG Analytics: Lessons to Grow, Scale and Profit Using Data and Analytics | Quantzig

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on the benefits of CPG analytics from a sales and business viewpoint.

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5 Ways to Drive Sales Using CPG Analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

5 Ways to Drive Sales Using CPG Analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key highlights-

  • Insights on how businesses can use CPG analytics to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Tips and tricks to enhance both internal operations and the customer experience

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Though CPG analytics has proven to drive measurable outcomes, most companies are unaware of the benefits it offers. Due to many such factors, growth has been slow in the CPG industry in recent years, particularly for the industry’s most significant players. To help business leaders tackle these challenges, Quantzig, in its recent article, presents some useful tips on using CPG analytics tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, “Given the changes in the global CPG landscape, it is evident that thriving in the future requires a new perspective on ways to deliver services more efficiently to consumers who have grown accustomed to digitally engaging with brands.”

Creating a consistent set of data standards and targeting specific customer groups have also been listed as the top ways one can use CPG analytics to boost sales. However, these are just some of the many ways businesses take advantage of CPG analytics. Notably, by making better use of available data and acting on the insights derived from it, a business can improve both its internal operations and the customer experience. With so many advanced analytics services available, every business can find one that suits its needs with the right support and technical expertise. The complete article on CPG analytics is now available.

Case in point: How Quantzig Helped a Client Drive Profits Using an AI-based CPG Analytics Framework

A well-known fashion retailer based out of Germany wanted to deploy a robust retail analytics framework to enhance its customers’ digital and in-store experiences. However, considering the rise in the influx of data sets, investing in the right channels was crucial for the retailer to tackle the challenges around data management. The retailer approached Quantzig looking to leverage its expertise to build and deploy a retail analytics framework that could help them improve customer experience and drive profitable growth. Quantzig’s CPG analytics solutions helped them address their challenges by developing a robust retail analytics framework to increase sales rate, customer dwell time, and the success of new products. Moreover, it enabled a fundamental shift in the organizational structure, skills, and culture, helping the client to distinguish themselves by reimagining their workflows and business processes. This, in turn, helped them achieve a 12% increase in profits by improving in-store sales and eliminating the impediments in the customer’s journey.

Based on our past experiences of executing similar CPG analytics projects for companies, we understand the challenges commonly faced by players in this sector. Hence, we have put together a comprehensive portfolio of CPG analytics solutions to help key decision-makers drive profits using data-backed decision-making. Book a FREE Demo to gain limited-period complimentary access to our proprietary CPG analytics platforms.

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