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DTIS Announces 5-Year Agreement with BI2 Technologies in Support of ACCESS National Background Check Program

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Digital Trusted Identity Services (DTIS) announced today a 5-year, national agreement with BI2 Technologies, LLC to provide critical support to the ACCESS Background Check Program™. ACCESS is a first-of-its-kind initiative with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) to provide more than 3,000 Sheriffs across the country with a comprehensive constituent background check capability.

DTIS COO Brad Nickels said, “We are pleased to provide our innovative, state of the art fingerprint capture and channeling platform in support of this national initiative with BI2 Technologies and the National Sheriffs’ Association. Now, through this innovative partnership, the DTIS/BI2 team can provide any participating Sheriff in the country with a complete background check system, at no upfront cost to the Sheriff’s Office or county. As a result, these Sheriffs will be able to offer background check services to their constituents in the safety and convenience of the local Sheriff’s Office.”

Nickels continued, “This agreement extends the availability of our highly successful commercial and aviation platform into a new market with broad geographic coverage. We are also proud to participate in a program that will return funds to local Sheriff’s Offices to be used for addressing critical needs in their communities.”

DTIS is an accredited FBI Channeler and TSA-authorized Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC). In addition to commercial background checking, DTIS’ platform is used to background check workers at over 300 airports and airlines nationwide.

“We are proud to have this opportunity to serve the nation’s Sheriffs,” Nickels continued. “It will make communities across the nation safer, while providing better, more convenient services to the millions of citizens who need to get an FBI-certified background check completed.”

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