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DTS AutoSense: World’s First Occupant Monitoring Solution Designed into 2021 Vehicles

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DTS®, a global leader in next-generation audio, imaging and sensing technology, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) (“Xperi”), today announced that DTS AutoSense™ is the world’s first occupancy monitoring solution (OMS) to be designed into passenger vehicles projected to be on the road in 2021. The company also announced that DTS AutoSense was named the ‘Overall AutoTech Solution of the Year’ in the 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards and a top safety pick in the 2020 CLEPA Innovation Awards.

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DTS AutoSense: World’s First Occupant Monitoring Solution Designed into 2021 Vehicles (Photo: Business Wire)

DTS AutoSense: World’s First Occupant Monitoring Solution Designed into 2021 Vehicles (Photo: Business Wire)

DTS AutoSense Occupancy Monitoring System is dedicated to saving the lives of vehicle passengers and drivers and to improving the in-cabin experience. It is effective even if vehicle passengers/occupants are masked, and includes child seat detection, child presence detection, occupant detection, emotion detection, and passenger authentication.

In addition to the Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS), DTS AutoSense comprises a Driver Monitoring Solution (DMS). Working together the OMS and DMS provide insights into activity inside the vehicle, including the driver, passengers, pets and objects.

“The increasing level of automation in vehicles and upcoming vehicle safety mandates in Europe, as well as three recent proposed US congressional vehicle safety acts1, highlight the growing importance of increasing a vehicle’s sensitivity to both driver and occupants to prevent distracted driving, impaired driving and the possibility of leaving a child or pet in a hot car,” said Jeff Jury, Xperi SVP and general manager, Automotive.

In the United States alone, there are an average of 39 reported hot car child fatalities2 and several hundred pet casualties per year; and, in 2018, distracted driving claimed 2,841 lives3.

“DTS AutoSense is designed to work in all driving conditions, is platform-agnostic, and offers automakers a solution for each of these potential dangers, and more, with complex occupant sensing technology that is right in the sweet spot of anticipated mandates for autonomous vehicle production.” Jury noted that, in addition to OEMs, DTS is partnering with European Union NCAP/CLEPA technical groups who are working towards NCAP 2023 and 2025 requirements.4

DTS AutoSense OMS uses a single camera and leverages the company’s extensive experience with image processing (20+ years) and artificial intelligence. Its advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques enable vehicles to sense, in real time, the presence of occupants and objects (for example, a laptop accidentally left in the vehicle). The technology can also enable personalization of infotainment recommendations, such as playlists, content, volume of music, choice of radio station options, in-cabin temperature adjustments or any setting that can be adapted to a user’s specific taste.

“DTS AutoSense OMS embodies the spirit of the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program, delivering ‘breakthrough’ technology that significantly enhances vehicle safety for drivers and passengers, and builds on their legacy of innovating pioneering audio technology solutions,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, which recognize the global leaders and innovative technology services and solutions in the automotive and transportation industry today.

The DTS AutoSense solutions are deployed using edge computing, without a need for cloud connectivity, meaning they are designed to enable all data to remain within the vehicle. Powered by artificial intelligence, each feature relies on proprietary neural networks designed, trained, and tested by the company’s team of over 100 AI/ML engineers, artists, scientists and problem solvers.

In addition to DTS AutoSense, Xperi’s automotive technologies include DTS Connected Radio and HD Radio, all designed to improve the in-vehicle experience, making it safer and more enjoyable. DTS Connected Radio, built on the largest and deepest data set of broadcast and music metadata, combines over the air broadcast with IP-delivered content for a robust, richer, more personalized in-cabin infotainment experience. HD Radio, which resides in more than 70 million automobiles, is the most successfully deployed commercial digital radio system worldwide.

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1“Stay Aware For Everyone” (SAFE) Act of 2020, the Hot Cars Act of 2019, and the Moving Forward Act


3National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA

4 Euro NCAP has created the five-star safety rating system to help consumers, their families and businesses compare vehicles more easily and to help them identify the safest choice for their needs. The safety rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests, designed and carried out by Euro NCAP.