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Dwolla Announces Drop-In Components to Shortcut Integrating a Payment API

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Dwolla, a leading payments infrastructure platform, today releases Drop-in Components, a low-code offering designed to save customers weeks worth of development time on their payment integration.

Each component was built to meet requirements for entering production, allowing organizations to significantly shorten the process for a smooth, streamlined payment integration.

“Seeing Dwolla reduce the technical integration effort for their product with drop-in components is an exciting development,” says Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures and a Dwolla board member. “Low-code and no-code approaches are rapidly proliferating and it’s great that Dwolla is allowing businesses to access their payments infrastructure that way.”

Dwolla’s Drop-in Components direct sensitive user information that must be provided to create an end user account to Dwolla, rather than the integrating business. A business can copy and paste a Drop-in Component to collect sensitive information about a user, such as their name, address or government-issued ID. That information is then passed directly to Dwolla.

“From the beginning, Dwolla has been committed to providing our customers with the easiest avenues for moving money,” says Brady Harris, Dwolla CEO. “The addition of Drop-in Components is a testament to our ability to do so. These components handle the tedious tasks of a payments implementation, allowing developers to streamline the process.”

Dwolla’s customers value time-to-market and having the ability to move money on their application is often a prerequisite for fundraising, user testing or adding additional functionality. By using drop-in components, companies can alleviate the need to navigate technical requirements or build from scratch—without sacrificing functionality.

These components are ideal for teams with limited developer resources or founders with limited programming experience.

“When the Dwolla team showed us the drop-in component for document upload, we were confident we could implement that into an application in one afternoon,” says Tyler Riker, Solutions Architect for We Write Code. “Without the drop-in component, that likely would have taken one of our engineers five days worth of work.”

Start testing these low-code components in the Dwolla Sandbox. For more information about Dwolla’s programmable payment infrastructure, visit

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