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E-commerce Companies Can Achieve Same Day, Next-Day Delivery Targets With Order Fill Analysis, says Quantzig

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Quantzig’s order fill analysis solutions helped a German E-commerce company to master same day and next day deliveries. Request a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

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Order fill analysis is a complex process that encompasses everything from the point of sale to delivery to the end-user of a finished good or service. Generally, e-commerce companies are on the lookout for ways to better optimize the fulfillment process by improving accuracy while meeting demands for rapid delivery. There are several ways e-commerce companies can improve the order fulfillment process, from implementing logistics management solutions and tools to adopting collaborative and AI-based robotic picking.

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Quantzig’s Methodology

With the ongoing changes and increasing requirements, the client witnessed a sudden increase in demand for their services. Though this was a golden opportunity for the client to improve profit margins, the client also faced major challenges in the effective management of transport and logistics that were curtailing their ability to capitalize on this opportunity. To tackle this challenge, the client embarked on a transformative journey by collaborating with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in order fill analysis. To help the client, our experts adopted a three-phase approach to order fill analysis that resulted in a holistic transformation of their entire logistics processes.

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Business Impact

The order fill analysis engagement began with a detailed analysis of the client’s logistics and order fulfillment process. The order fill analysis solutions offered by Quantzig’s experts revolved around the analysis of shipment data and stochastic lead times for improving customer service levels and component replenishment rates. The order fill analysis engagement helped drive several positive outcomes, including:

  • Improved order fill rate
  • Enhanced forecast accuracy
  • Re-engineered the logistics route map

There are several moving pieces starting from routing and managing inventory to choosing the correct packaging for the lowest practical dimensional weight. All these make up the entire fulfillment process. Request more information from our experts to leverage order fill analysis to improve your logistics network.

About Quantzig

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