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E Ink and LivingPackets Announce Sustainable, Reusable Packaging for eCommerce and Logistics

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E Ink Holdings, “E Ink” (8069.TW), the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, and LivingPackets, the creator of revolutionary reusable packaging, today announced THE BOX, a sustainable, reusable packaging solution for businesses and consumers.

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E Ink and LivingPackets Announce Sustainable, Reusable Packaging for eCommerce and Logistics (Photo: Business Wire)

E Ink and LivingPackets Announce Sustainable, Reusable Packaging for eCommerce and Logistics (Photo: Business Wire)

More than a billion trees are cut each year for eCommerce cardboard packaging. In THE BOX, no wood fibers are needed, so not a single tree has to die. The base material of THE BOX can be produced in an energy-saving way and, after 1,000 cycles, it can be recycled and therefore reused endlessly.

THE BOX makes sending and receiving packages as easy as pushing a button, with information updated on the go, and a configurable interior that eliminates the need for bubble wrap and packing material. THE BOX utilizes an E Ink display instead of a printed address label, making it possible to update address data easily and at any time. These features bring new power to the logistics industry, allowing them to save significantly on CO2 emissions caused through the use of cardboard boxes and paper labels, and on the waste in landfills from packing materials.

Inside THE BOX, integrated sensors continuously measure temperature, humidity and shocks. All data can be accessed at any time via the built-in Internet connection and smartphone app. An E Ink display is used for the packaging label, and only uses power to change an image, not to maintain it, allowing for low power consumption. THE BOX can be reused up to 1,000 times before it needs reconditioning.

“The E Ink display is a central part of the overall experience that we offer our customers with THE BOX. Integrating a display in a smart package allows us to offer a new level of convenience and services that haven’t been possible before in the history of the global e-commerce and delivery market,” said Alexander Cotte, Group CEO at LivingPackets.

“The combination of the unique technology of THE BOX, combined with our low power E Ink display allows for a new level of convenience to consumers and companies in the global e-commerce industry,” said Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink. “E Ink has prioritized sustainable technology throughout our history and are excited to see this next step into making packaging a greener application.”

THE BOX has been awarded an Honoree designation for the 2020 CES Innovation Awards. LivingPackets will have a booth in the Sands Expo in Tech West at booth #50615. To learn more, visit or

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