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EasyKnock Announces ReLEASE, Enabling More Americans to Take Control of Their Financial Destiny

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EasyKnock, the nation’s first institutionalized residential sale-leaseback company, today announced the launch of ReLEASE, a new product that provides homeowners with the straight-forward option to sell their home and rent it back for as long as they would like.

As the nation faces a rise in forbearance and as credit inevitably tightens, U.S. homeowners are in greater need of flexible financial solutions. With EasyKnock, customers can use the value of their home to pay down personal debt, invest in a business, diversify retirement portfolios, make a down payment on a new home, or relocate. EasyKnock’s hassle-free options provide customers with a competitive price on their house and can close in as few as seven days.

“We’re launching this product today because Americans need options now,” said Jarred Kessler, CEO, EasyKnock. “Historically, financing options have been limited and lending standards have not worked in favor of the consumer. EasyKnock is here to change this with solutions that help a wider range of homeowners achieve their goals. We want homeowners to feel their financial circumstances do not have to define them.”

“ReLEASE is a revolutionary product,” said Ivy Zelman, Housing Analyst and CEO, Zelman & Associates. “Consumers have experienced a false sense of security due to recent federal stimulus packages, but unfortunately these serve as a temporary fix. While unemployment numbers are decreasing, the trajectory of the pandemic remains unpredictable. It is essential that homeowners have options available to them and are able to make a responsible choice that will provide them with the financial stability they deserve.”

ReLEASE is the third offering from EasyKnock, which provides two additional programs – Sell & Stay and MoveAbility. Sell & Stay offers homeowners longer-term lease options with the opportunity to buy back their home, while MoveAbility enables greater flexibility for homeowners who want to sell but are waiting for the right time to move.

ReLEASE is available now for qualified homeowners located in the following states: Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, and Georgia.

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About EasyKnock

Founded in 2016, EasyKnock is the United States’ first technology-enabled residential sale-leaseback company that brought American homeowners Sell and Stay and MoveAbility. Through EasyKnock’s programs, homeowners can access the money they need to achieve their goals. With Sell and Stay, homeowners sell their home without moving, with the flexibility to buy back their house or move at any time. MoveAbility serves as a bridge product for homeowners planning on moving in the near-term. They can sell their home immediately without a rushed move. Headquartered in New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, EasyKnock currently provides its innovative financial products to homeowners across 50 states.