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Easyvet Is the Second Partner To Join the Petabyte Consortium To Redefine the Pet Care Experience for the Veterinary Community

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Easyvet (“easyvet”), a rapidly growing US-based veterinary group, announced today their partnership with Petabyte Technology (“Petabyte”), a leading veterinary software company, to join the newly established Petabyte Consortium, which is focused on building software championing standardized data and efficient workflows to improve veterinary practices across the world.

Petabyte revolutionizes patient management for veterinary hospitals through its suite of software solutions, including rhapsody, a cloud-based Practice Information Management System (PIMS); Petabyte Analytics, an enterprise-level analytics platform; and Boop, a mobile application simplifying the pet care experience for pet parents. With innovative features such as standardized data through its proprietary technology the “Matcher”, comprehensive wellness plans, virtual check-in, on-the-go communications, and a built-in payment system, Petabyte enables doctors to deliver exceptional care to pets and their families.

Easyvet was an early adopter of rhapsody and already uses Petabyte’s entire suite of software across all 10 franchises, establishing an organizational standard for new locations as easyvet continues to grow. Since first switching to rhapsody, easyvet has served as an invaluable voice of the customer and helped to shape Petabyte’s advanced platforms into accessible technology for the entire veterinary industry. Joining the Petabyte Consortium signifies their joint commitment to continue the momentum and use Petabyte’s software to define the future of pet care. Easyvet is the third partner in the Petabyte Consortium with more updates expected to be released as it continues to grow.

“Easyvet is a fantastic partner for us,” said Michael Hyman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Petabyte. “The combination of our innovative software and their unique business model underlines the core goal of the Petabyte Consortium— to bring together technology and forward-thinking industry peers to shape the future of the veterinary community.”

“We were searching for a technology and practice management software partner that would give us the capabilities to deliver on our rapid growth,” said easyvet CEO Tim Schoenfelder. “Rhapsody’s standardized code base, rich analytics and data platform, open API, enterprise capabilities, robust user and admin roles along with their suite of fully integrated product enhancements made partnering with Michael and the Petabyte team a natural fit.”

Founded in 2019, Petabyte’s mission is to give veterinary healthcare practitioners greater understanding and control over their business using cloud-based technology.

Petabyte is a unique enterprise practice management solution that allows veterinary practices to run more efficient operations and deliver better patient veterinary care. Petabyte considers a practice’s needs by offering products that emphasize a simple design and intuitive usability. It also offers robust customer support through teams equipped to assist veterinary practices, both large and small. The company brings together unique talent with decades of experience in the veterinary industry and in building cutting-edge technology to deliver the best practice management solution on the market. For more information, visit

Founded in 2013, easyvet is committed to offering convenient and affordable veterinary care from friendly and compassionate veterinarians and staff. What started as a mission of making pet care convenient and affordable for pet parents, has expanded to include making clinic ownership possible for both doctors and investors. With 10 locations open in six states, easyvet is rapidly expanding and on track to double in size in 2021. Construction is underway for the opening of an additional 27 locations in 20 unique markets across seven states, including Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Colorado. Easyvet is made up of 30 franchisees and continues to grow. For more information, visit