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Eat Right Helps Take Off Weight with Technology

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There is a reason we start diets at the beginning of a new period. We’re wired to make new beginnings on schedule, whether that be the first of the week, month or New Year. But what happens when the member’s pre-prepared meals don’t show up in time for the new week? According to Eat Right founder and CEO Cameron Fulks, the program won’t work.

“The shelf life of a non-frozen, pre-prepared meal isn’t that long. They are designed to be eaten within days of delivery,” Fulks said. “If we don’t get the food to our members in time for them to start their weekly program, they may put it off a week…or even longer. We can’t let that happen because we know, firsthand, what a positive difference eating right can have on a person’s life.”

Fulks started the business in Tampa in 2018. One of the first things he learned was that the old way of delivering meals just wasn’t going to work, especially given the rapid rate of company growth Eat Right was experiencing. He went to market in search of technology that could help his team make the meal delivery process smoother and faster.

“When we started the company, the average driver for a meal delivery company could make 20 customer drops each night,” Fulks says. “Before long, we were on track to deliver 13,000 meals each week. We didn’t want to invest in that many trucks.”

Instead, Eat Right invested $250,000 in a custom software that uses GPS data to direct drivers in the field, allowing them to make more than twice as many drops each night, safely and efficiently. The tool has now allowed the company to expand into the Dallas Metro market and deliver fresh, never-frozen meals to members throughout the state of Florida.

In 2020, Eat Right invested over $100,000 to purchase a fully automated vacuum sealing machine. The machine is capable of sealing 1,000 meals in one hour.

“We can now deliver an entire week’s worth of meals so the member can start their weekly program on the upcoming Monday,” Fulks said. “Our members have all of their meals, prepared by our chefs, vacuum-sealed and at their door each Friday. That’s huge.”

But that’s not the only way Fulks is leveraging technology to help his customers lose weight and live healthy lives. Eat Right also uses AI technology to order all the ingredients required by company chefs based on member orders and current inventory.

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About Eat Right

Eat Right is the Tampa-area’s fastest growing meal delivery service, focusing on its member’s health and overall lifestyle. Founded by former US Army veteran, Cameron Fulks, the company delivers more than 13,000 fresh, never-frozen meals created and prepared by area chefs to members throughout the state of Florida and in the Dallas Metro market. The company offers high-tech support to anyone who desires to live a healthier life and enjoy all of the benefits that brings with it. For more information about the company, visit online at