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eBay and StoreON® Announce Partnership for More Than 2 Million Latin American Sellers to Export Their Products to the U.S.

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E-commerce has been a key ally for the economic reactivation of thousands of MSMEs globally, businesses that were forced to migrate to the digital world to maintain their income and operations because of the pandemic.

This reality makes evident the importance of companies such as StoreON®, a Latin American e-commerce services hub with operations in Colombia, Perú and Mexico, which allows these businesses to position themselves in the main marketplaces in Latin America to make their products and services known locally and regionally.

StoreON® CEO for Latam, Bernardo Vanegas, said, “We are very proud to announce the new alliance with eBay, as it will allow at least 2 million companies in Latin America to export their products worldwide, especially to the United States, a country that has been at the forefront of eCommerce for more than three decades, yielding great returns for sellers.”

The new sellers will not have to worry about English language skills, the international logistics operator, the handling of foreign currencies or the nationalization of products, which are the main difficulties faced by entrepreneurs who wish to internationalize through eCommerce.

“Achieving global sales and not relying on the local market allows for greater growth possibilities. With our global buyer base of 187 million, eBay offers a reliable platform for businesses to successfully expand and become part of the global economy, especially in critical times like these,” says Ilya Kretov, General Manager of Global Emerging Markets at eBay.

Last year, the number of Latin American sellers on eBay grew by over 35% compared to 2019, a sign of how more businesses in the region have found in cross-border eCommerce an alternative to reach more buyers.

“With this alliance we will continue to strengthen Latin American eCommerce, we want to take the message of #LatinoaméricaxLasPymes, further and further, as we know that there are many innovative ventures that require a push to excel at a regional level,” added Vanegas.

Ultimately, Latin American eCommerce will be the great beneficiary of the new agreement between eBay and StoreON®, as it will have the support of two large companies that seek the reactivation, growth, and consolidation of the Latin American economy.