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EBSCO Signs & Displays Celebrates New Technology at ISA Sign Expo

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EBSCO Signs & Displays was one of over 600 vendors hosting a booth at
the 75th ISA Sign Expo® in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event drew more than
20,000 attendees from around the globe and is the sign industry’s
premier event.

Unveiling New & Evolving Technology at ISA

At the event, EBSCO Signs & Displays shared these 5 key products:

  • 10 mm Polaris Full Color LED Display
  • SignCommand™ Cloud-Based LED Sign Software
  • 4 mm LED Video Wall Display
  • 16 mm TekStar LED Sign
  • Signature Lightbox Sign

“We’re excited to announce several new products this year — our indoor
4mm LED video wall display, our 8mm outdoor LED sign, and cellular modem
integration. By the end of this year, all of our signs will have a
default communication form of cellular modems with a 5-year or lifetime
data plan,” said Josh Brasher, President, EBSCO Signs & Displays.

Take Advantage of EBSCO Signs & Display’s Exclusive Offer

EBSCO Signs & Displays is offering a 5% discount to any dealer who
orders within the next 90 days.

Hear from ISA Attendees, Customers, and Sign Industry Experts

In honor of both EBSCO Industries’ and ISA’s 75th anniversary, EBSCO
Signs & Displays collected quotes from ISA attendees, customers, and top
sign experts about industry trends, what they enjoyed about the expo,
and more.

“We were thrilled to be a part of the ISA Sign Expo® and we enjoyed
networking with dozens of attendees and experts in the signage
industry,” said Camillia Mankovich, Senior Marketing Manager, EBSCO
Signs & Displays.

Inspirational Technology, Product, and Industry Quotes from ISA Sign
Expo 2019

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