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Econolite Expands Texas Operations to Include Traffic Management Cabinet Manufacturing

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Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management, today announced that it is expanding its Texas operations to include traffic management cabinet manufacturing at its Houston facilities primarily through increasing its local workforce.

“Texas continues to be an important strategic growth market for Econolite and we are pleased to expand and strengthen our successful operations in the state,” said Abbas Mohaddes, Econolite President and COO. “Adding traffic management cabinet manufacturing to our Houston facility is a reflection of our continued commitment to delivering world-class solutions to ongoing and prospective projects and services throughout Texas. This expansion in Houston will enhance our capabilities in helping our customers and partners while employing additional local workforce.”

The traffic management cabinet is an essential infrastructure component of a signalized intersection that houses the intelligent traffic signal controller, sensors, and communications technologies that provide intersection and system traffic control and management.

Econolite’s Houston, TX, operations, established in 2018, support Econolite’s ITS Traffic management systems and field maintenance services in Harris County and throughout the state of Texas. In addition, the company’s Houston facility provides statewide warehousing, training, product testing, and repair programs. Econolite will continue to work closely with its distribution channel partner, Paradigm Traffic Systems (Arlington, TX), in achieving its expansion strategies.

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