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Edge AI Summit Returns to Silicon Valley

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Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Bosch, LGE & Panasonic among AI pioneers to join the second annual Edge AI Summit at the Computer History Museum, Nov 20-21, 2019.

Down at the endpoint and even sensor level, innovations in hardware and algorithms have enabled machine learning to run on battery and solar power. Concurrently, the rollout of edge infrastructure and 5G is enabling greater compute resources to be placed geographically and logically close to the sources of data, and better networking between endpoints, edge nodes and the cloud.

Technology is approaching a point where perhaps the main limitation for AI practitioners is imagination. This year’s Edge AI Summit will unveil some of the most imaginative use cases of machine learning at the edge, from aquaculture to automotive, touching on developments in AR/VR, autonomous systems, computer vision & reinforcement learning.

Between 250-300 attendees are expected to attend, with topics focusing on the network and infrastructure needed to support large scale machine learning use cases in edge environments, and the architectural & engineering challenges of embedding AI on devices.

Key speakers include:

  • Caroline Chan – VP & GM, 5G Infrastructure Division, Network Platform Group: Intel
  • Moe Tanabian – CVP & GM, Intelligent Devices: Microsoft
  • Cheng Wang – Co-Founder & SVP, Architecture & Engineering: Flex Logix
  • Ajay Nair – Product Lead, Edge ML: Google
  • Vikas Chandra – Director, AI Research: Facebook
  • Vera Serdiukova – Product Manager, Advanced AI: LGE
  • Marcellino Gemelli – Director, Global Business Development: Bosch Sensortec
  • Rashmi Gopinath – Managing Director: M12 (Microsoft Ventures)
  • Christos Kolias – Principal, Orange
  • Brian Stevenson – VP, Ecosystem Strategy & Partnerships: Ericsson

The event will also feature an exclusive, invite-only workshop hosted by Microsoft, evaluating the adoption of AI at the Edge, which will give registered attendees (under NDA) a chance to review early, unreleased Microsoft Edge AI products.

Similar to other events hosted by Kisaco Research, such as the AI Hardware Summit, the event is expecting announcements of new Edge AI solutions on both the hardware and software side. Press & media passes will be available.

You can register for the event at, and apply for press/media passes with the details below.