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Edge of Yesterday Debuts Third Book, Saving Time; Expands Learning Resources for the Pandemic Era and Beyond

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Robin Stevens Payes, social marketing consultant, science writer, and author of the Edge of Yesterday teen time-travel adventure series (EOY), announces the launch of the third book, Saving Time. EOY focuses on empowering girls in STEM/STEAM learning, and its latest evolution, STREAM, with the ‘R’ standing for ‘Reflection.’

STEM is the fastest-growing sector in employment, increasing 28% since 2000 compared to 6% in other fields according to U.S. News & World Report/Raytheon’s STEM Index. However, there is a gap in the amount of U.S. college graduates with STEM degrees.

  • Saving Time follows STEMinista protagonist Charley Morton, who travels back in time to Leonardo da Vinci’s era.
  • The new book advances the philosophy of “learning through story” and a growth mindset rooted in creativity, resilience, and curiosity.
  • Payes’ background in neuroscience and education presents STEM through play, discovery, character, creativity, and storytelling.

Developed in partnership with Saving Time book promotion sponsor, Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), the MASTERY program offers a unique spin on learning as a natural process. Its name comes from its core focus areas: “Mindset, Arts, Storytelling, Technology, Economy and You.”

Saving Time takes the core principles of our MASTERY method up several notches to address the evolving, real-life needs of young people,” Payes said. “In adapting Leonardo’s special gift for ‘seeing things in new ways’ to the present day, young readers are supported in navigating virtual school, distance from friends, and new social challenges to ‘see differently’ while reinventing and recontextualizing their lives and futures.”

About Edge of Yesterday and its Founder

Edge of Yesterday is a time travel novel series created by social marketing consultant and science writer, Robin Stevens Payes. Its interactive learning platform, and new MASTERY program, are created to pioneer a new form of engaged “learning through story.”

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