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Edge Technology Group Announces Release of Newsletter Featuring Gartner Research Findings Focused on Cybersecurity Trends

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Edge Technology Group, a leading Managed Service Provider to the financial sector, today announced the release of a newsletter that explores cybersecurity and risk management from an alternative investment firm’s perspective.

The newsletter provides strategic guidance for both senior executives as well as those in security and risk management leadership roles. In addition, key findings from Gartner research1 cover top security and risk management trends and how leaders can seek to capitalize on those trends.

“Although senior executives are paying more attention to cybersecurity, it’s important that alternative investment firms do not fall into the trap of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to security and risk management,” stated John Pecoraro, Chief Operating Officer at Edge Technology Group. “Every alternative investment firm is unique, especially in terms of their overall business strategy. Some firms require numerous cybersecurity solutions, while others only need a few. It all depends on their level of sophistication and available budget,” Pecoraro continued.

As the world of technology continues to evolve in complexity and threats from cyberattacks increase, the need for security and risk management is becoming more critical. Alternative investment firms in particular, with their heavy reliance on technology for data protection, are at risk from cyber threats that can potentially have any number of negative impacts on a firm’s health.

Due to strong influences from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and other governmental bodies, senior executives are fortunately taking a more risk-based approach to their business structure. That means executives are paying more attention to critical issues like the risk of data loss and monetary impacts, as well as risk to their organization’s reputation.

Access a complimentary copy of the newsletter to explore how to develop your firm’s optimal cybersecurity posture.

1Gartner, Top Security and Risk Management Trends, Peter Firstbrook, et al, 31 January 2019

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