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Edifecs to Present “Integrated Member Enrollment – A Health Plan Game Changer” Session at AHIP National Conference in Washington, D.C.

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Edifecs, Inc., a global health information technology solutions company, is participating in the 2019 AHIP National Conference on Medicaid, Sept. 25, in Washington, D.C. Trey Keller, Vice President of Product Management at Edifecs, will lead the session “Integrated Member Enrollment – A Health Plan Game Changer.”

In this session, Keller will review best practices that support the creation of standardized processes to manage and retain critical enrollment information for health plans managing multiple lines of business to expand their footprint or enter new markets. An integrated member enrollment strategy is a game changer for health plans with government lines of business that traditionally use multiple enrollment systems.

The AHIP Conference on Medicaid is a gathering of healthcare experts, government officials, academics, health insurance providers and industry thought leaders brought together to discuss strategies to make Medicaid programs better for the people they serve while making them affordable and fiscally sustainable.


Integrated Member Enrollment – A Health Plan Game Changer
(September 25, 11:50 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.): This presentation will focus on why leveraging a single enrollment orchestration platform enhances lifecycle visibility into the quote-to-card process, improves financial reconciliation accuracy and provides a scalable foundation for new business growth. Attendees will learn what constitutes best-in-class enrollment processing capabilities including the use of consistent workflows and standardization to enable the retraining of critical enrollment resources across multiple lines of business. Only then can health plans transform their enrollment operations into a mechanism for top-line growth.

WHERE: JW Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, D.C.

WHO: Trey Keller, Vice President of Product Management for the Consumer Enrollment product line at Edifecs, oversees all product strategy and development for a suite of products targeting the healthcare enrollment space. Prior to Edifecs, Keller worked as the Associate Vice President of Product Management at TriZetto (Cognizant), overseeing solutions in the Member, Consumer, and Broker space. Keller has a Masters in Engineering from Duke University, and his Masters in Finance from Indiana University.

For more information on the AHIP Conference on Medicaid, please see the agenda here. For updates on the latest news and announcements from the conference, please follow @Edifecs on Twitter.

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