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Edmit’s New Personalized College Money Tools Liberate Families from Rankings

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Edmit, an award-winning provider of software, online tools and human advising to helps families make smarter college financial decisions, today announced the unveiling of the Company’s 2.0 version of its website which includes new product releases such as an advanced-level student loan calculator as well as an expanded college list builder/grader.

“The college process can be overwhelming for many families, and it’s extremely difficult to find good advice about how much college will actually cost and how to pay for it. Our new tools make it simple to choose a college that will be within financial reach and set you up for success after graduation,” said Sabrina Manville, co-founder of Edmit.

Edmit’s new student loan calculator

By allowing users to combine all of the types of loans available such as federal and private loans as well as showing the federal loans one would be eligible for based on the personalized information provided to Edmit and the amount of private loans that will likely be needed to fill the gap, Edmit’s new student loan calculator is a powerful tool for students and their families to leverage when deciding which schools best fit all of the criteria that are most important to their college decision-making process.

Edmit’s new college list builder/grader

Edmit’s new list builder allows users to search along multiple college dimensions and provide personal recommendations about how to make college more affordable and what additional colleges someone should consider because they would be high value. Edmit gives schools a financial fit grade of A, B or C – by categorizing a school using this method Edmit’s subscribers gain a clear understanding of how reasonable the size of the loans they will have to take out are (such $75K vs. $10K in loans) as well as the ROI (return on investment) or value that the school offers.

The value is determine by looking at the earnings/salary that students who have recently graduated from a specific school are currently making in the workforce. By using Edmit’s college list builder subscribers can compare their top 5 schools. Edmit recommends including a balanced mix of affordable schools as well as “reach” schools. This method helps to determine which schools are a better ROI than others – which translates to being both affordable and good value.

Version 2.0 of the website

Edmit’s team of experts are focused on ensuring that their website continues to grow and expand in order to meet the needs of their subscribers as well as potential users of their products. Whether a person is using the free Edit tool or the Edmit Plus option which is available for a nominal fee of $99 annually and comes with a complimentary phone consultation (plus any future human advising sessions can be booked for $30 for 30 minutes) they are taking greater control of the college planning process and helping to identify the most strategic way to plan for the challenging task of selecting the best college for their family’s unique needs.

Additionally, the college exploration tool and list builder will be expanded so that users can search for merit scholarships, and can also build out the amount of colleges that can be compared using the college list builder/grader. Lastly, our human advisors include former financial aid officers and high school counselors who have worked with hundreds of families to help them find great colleges because they have the inside track which allows them to provide the best guidance possible to Edmit families.

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About Edmit

Edmit was launched in 2017. The Company was founded by former university administrators to create true price and value transparency for college-bound students. Edmit aims to help these students and their families better evaluate their options and make well-informed decisions about their college investment. Edmit’s proprietary software calculates tuition estimates that are personalized to the student, and offers a financial fit score that takes into account a college’s affordability, value, and post-graduation earnings. For more information about Edmit, visit