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EDP Comercial Accelerates Transformation With Celonis

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Celonis, the market leader in enterprise performance acceleration software, today announced that EDP Comercial, the Portuguese electricity and gas seller from group EDP (Energias de Portugal) that is committed to creating a more sustainable world, has used Celonis to kickstart their goals for digital transformation. EDP Comercial turned to Celonis’ process mining technology to achieve enterprise-wide initiative goals including business agility across departments, achieving frictionless front-office and back-office operations, and delivering faster, more reliable customer service.

The Scale of Business Transformation

With 74% of its generation capacity coming from renewable resources, EDP offers its customers energy solutions that are digital, decentralized, and decarbonized. In working with Celonis, EDP Comercial analyzed over five million transactions and one million customer-facing operations with newfound transparency, enabling them to pinpoint root causes of issues that could be solved to optimize operations.

“Our team of Celonis business users have gone from ‘It’s impossible’ to ‘How is this possible?’” said Ricardo Henriques, Deputy Director of Technological Transformation Programs and Automation, EDP Comercial.

The sheer volume of data that EDP had to process was one of the main reasons the energy company went with Celonis. In the partnership’s two years, they have analyzed over 240 million events representing over 200 activities. The easy-to-use visual analysis has helped business users take actions to keep processes flowing where they may previously have diverted. This increased understanding has helped the team develop benchmarks and meaningful KPIs, ensuring a data-driven approach to understanding and improving their performance in a way that business intelligence solutions alone could not accomplish.

Generating Operational Process Improvements

EDP Comercial is transforming their Sales-to-Debt cycle and Customer Care business units to create an accelerated, efficient, and more collaborative environment. Celonis has been increasingly effective in empowering EDP Comercial’s operational department to make quicker, sharper decisions, and to adapt to changes that they wouldn’t have been able to detect without process mining.

“When we link different processes in an interconnected way, we understand the link between the sales and the contract phase, for example, which allows our teams to reshape and rethink the KPIs that they are using,” says Henriques.

EDP Comercial’s operational departments started using Celonis process mining to interconnect all the B2B and B2C processes throughout the Sales-to-Debt cycle. Today, they are using these tools to analyze and control process performance, identify process improvements, and increase automation throughout in order to reduce error-handling time and improve operations service levels. Celonis also helps EDP Comercial with regulatory and compliance issues by providing new levels of objectivity and transparency in its processes.

“EDP has an executive-level, enterprise-wide commitment to leverage process mining to drive change for improved customer satisfaction,” Alexander Rinke, co-CEO of Celonis said. “It’s great to see a vision beyond cost savings with a broader focus on customer outcomes. This gets employees involved in the processes so they can take actions themselves in order to create an improved experience for their customers.”

About Celonis

Celonis ( is the New York- and Munich-based leader in Enterprise Performance Acceleration software. Built on the process mining technology it pioneered, its Intelligent Business Cloud helps organizations to rapidly remove operational friction to become a superfluid enterprise. Companies around the world including Siemens, L’Oreal, Uber, Citi, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and extraordinary customer experiences.