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Educate from Home: 8×8 Provides Guide for Educators to Safely and Securely Conduct Virtual Lessons Globally

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8×8, Inc. (NYSE: EGHT), a leading integrated cloud communications platform, today announced it released a guide for educators around the world to effectively and securely deliver virtual lessons using video conferencing. “5 steps to conduct a virtual lesson” is a guide that provides all the necessary steps, access to online resources, and materials required to deliver an online video lesson, and improve student learning outcomes by using the free, unlimited standalone version of 8×8 Video Meetings.

“Being able to quickly set-up an online environment that is secure and easy for students to access is critical to making this transition to distance learning,” said Deanne Thomas, an elementary school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. “8×8 made it easy for all students to collaborate regardless of the device they had available, which allows teachers to focus on making this new learning experience engaging and interactive, while increasing student participation and learning retention.”

The guide is designed to make it easy for educators in K-12 schools and universities to quickly get started and deliver a secure, interactive online class by:

  1. Starting a video class with one click from a mobile or desktop device with no time limits.
  2. Creating unique passcodes and only sharing with attending students to keep video classes secure and prevent unauthorized persons from joining and disrupting.
  3. Sharing content, encouraging classroom chat, and using the raise your hand feature to keep students engaged.
  4. Recording the class and posting the video on learning management systems for future reference.
  5. Integrating with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

“We wanted to do our part to support the transition as educators and students adjust to this unprecedented situation, which will have a lasting and profound impact on how education is delivered,” said Vik Verma, Chief Executive Officer at 8×8, Inc. “Our step-by-step guide to online learning helps teachers, principals and administrators use our free video meetings capabilities to deliver distance learning, virtual tutoring, office hours and sharing of important announcements for students during this critical time.”

Nearly 6.9 Million Video Meetings Monthly Active Users Globally

8×8 is the main contributor to the open-source solution, and the standalone and integrated versions of 8×8 Video Meetings for business are based on it. The code has been hardened with over a million downloads and in applications like banking video conferencing, education as a service platforms, such as WeSchool in Italy, and home security applications globally. The product is packaged with 8×8 X Series for businesses that have a mobile and remote workforce requiring a highly reliable and resilient solution across desktop and mobile devices for voice, video, chat, contact center, APIs and advanced analytics. It is also available as a standalone offering and as part of 8×8 Express, which is for small organizations and teams that require a complete, preconfigured business phone system with a dedicated business number, video meetings and messaging in a single desktop and mobile application.

The free, standalone version of 8×8 Video Meetings, introduced to the public in November 2019, is available at https://8×, and includes international dial-in numbers in more than 55 countries. 8×8 Video Meetings utilizes the WebRTC standard which enables attendees to instantly join meetings without any downloads or plugins.

Read 5 steps to conduct a virtual lesson and Secure your video lesson with a passcode to learn more about effectively and securely delivering virtual lessons using video conferencing.

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