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Ekran System Inc. Opens New Headquarters in Newport Beach, CA

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Ekran System Inc., a leading vendor of insider threat prevention software, has announced the opening of their new US headquarters. The company will have a foothold in the sunny city of Newport Beach, California, close to UC Irvine, one of the best public universities in America.

Previously, Ekran System had its North American headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Now, team is moving to Orange County, California, a popular hub for startups and tech companies.

“We are happy to move to one of the most important tech hubs of California – Irvine and the Newport Beach area,” says Dennis Turpitka, founder and CEO of Ekran System. “A lot of technology companies have a presence here, and we decided to join them in this premier location for tech talent. We are thrilled to join the local tech community and hope to capitalize on the talent from universities like UC Irvine.”

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About Ekran System

Ekran System Inc. is a recognized vendor of cybersecurity software for insider threat protection. Ekran System addresses user-based risks with flexible and efficient solutions for user activity monitoring, identity management, and access management.

The Ekran System platform makes per-session indexed video and audio records to enable user activity monitoring and analysis. To enhance the protection of critical assets, Ekran offers features such as two-factor authentication, one-time passwords, third-party vendor management, and integration with existing ticketing systems. A robust alerts and notifications system and real-time incident response capabilities are also included.