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Elastifile Announces Enhanced API For Elastifile Cloud File Service

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the pioneer of enterprise-grade, scalable file storage for the public
cloud, today announced enhanced support for API-based access to Elastifile
Cloud File Service
, the company’s fully-managed, scalable file
storage service on Google Cloud. The enhanced service API allows users
to fully automate use of cloud file storage to optimize a broad range of
workflows including: SAP infrastructure, electronic design automation
(EDA), HPC processing, Kubernetes deployments, and more.

As enterprises increasingly integrate cloud resources, the workflows
supporting critical business processes must evolve to maximize the
capabilities of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service
(IaaS). Effectively managing dynamic, interdependent cloud resources
often relies on the ability to perform complex tasks quickly,
efficiently, and without the need for manual intervention. As a result,
API-based automation has emerged as a crucial enabler for
high-productivity cloud workflows. With enterprise file storage
recognized as a key element of cloud application infrastructure,
corresponding API-based storage management capabilities are necessary to
deliver the required workflow automation.

Via Elastifile’s enhanced service API, users can programmatically
control the deployment, management, and scaling of Elastifile Cloud File
Service…thus enabling dynamic alignment of storage capacity and
performance to suit the needs of associated applications. Additional
features and functionality supported by Elastifile’s enhanced API
include snapshots, access-control lists (ACLs), and enterprise
high-availability features.

“Cloud-based automation represents a massive opportunity to simplify
enterprise IT,” said Adi Sprachman, Vice President of Product Management
at Elastifile. “With Elastifile’s enhanced API, we’ve delivered
complete, programmatic control over scalable, cloud-native file storage,
enabling fully-automated, turnkey data management.”

The enhanced API for Elastifile Cloud File Service further complements
Elastifile’s robust portfolio of cloud-native data management
technologies, including support for automated container orchestration
via Elastifile’s container storage interface (CSI) driver and automated
data tiering to object storage via Elastifile ClearTier.

Elastifile is generally available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon
Web Services (AWS), and bare metal on-premises environments, with
Microsoft Azure availability coming soon.

To try Elastifile as a fully-managed storage service on Google Cloud,
visit the Google
Cloud Platform Marketplace
or, to learn more about Elastifile’s
products and technology, visit

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About Elastifile

helps organizations adapt and accelerate their business in the cloud
era. Powered by a dynamically scalable, enterprise-grade distributed
file system with intelligent object tiering, Elastifile augments
existing public cloud services and facilitates frictionless cloud
adoption. With Elastifile, organizations can deploy and manage
cloud-native file storage themselves and/or benefit from the advantages
of fully-managed file storage services, eliminating the need for manual
storage management and CapEx-intensive IT forecasting. Elastifile’s
unique combination of features and flexibility empowers organizations to
seamlessly integrate cloud resources, with no application refactoring
required…thereby modernizing their infrastructure and achieving their
crucial IT agility and efficiency goals.

Elastifile is based in Santa Clara, California and Herzliya, Israel,
with global Sales and Marketing offices in North America and Europe, and
R&D in Israel. Founded in 2013, Elastifile is backed by Battery
Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, CE Ventures, and seven strategic
investors from the cloud, data center, and storage industries, including
Dell EMC, Cisco, and Western Digital.