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Element Electronics Wins a Stevie Award for Service Delivered by Goodbay Technologies

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Goodbay Technologies, a leading provider of premier business process outsourcing services, announced today that its partnership with Element Electronics has been recognized with a Silver Stevie Award in the Sales & Customer Service category. More than 2,300 nominations in virtually every industry were considered in this year’s competition.

Goodbay is innovating the way companies outsource customer support by delivering a data-driven approach to customer experience improvement. For Element, the company deployed technically skilled agents with the expertise to diagnose product issues and help customers integrate new Element TVs into their home WiFi and digital ecosystems. By leveraging an in-house Product Lab, Goodbay provides agents hands-on experience in setting up Element products, from out of the box to multiple smart-device set-ups.

“Goodbay’s analysis and suggestions help Element broaden our self-help content, which reduced calls by 20% in the first year of working together,” said Kammie Larkin, Director of Support at Element. “I cannot imagine having a brighter, or more successful, team to back our company.”

Goodbay’s talented agents and best-practice approach allow Element to understand exactly what customers are encountering at each step of every interaction. These insights enable Element’s cross-functional teams to drive better product decisions and reduce returns, at the same time achieving better first call resolution, RMA time, CSAT and product reviews.

“Element’s televisions are sophisticated, connected devices which requires an advanced agent skillset to deliver support. We’re proud of our great working partnership, especially the results our team has delivered in improving Element’s customer satisfaction, response time, product return and contact volume metrics,” said Sapan Shahani, CEO at Goodbay.

As a standard, Goodbay operational processes are streamlined to capture customer feedback at every stage of the journey, and insights are shared in real-time across client departments like product, engineering, development and marketing. By only hiring the most talented frontline agents, Goodbay ensures higher-order decision making occurs at the point of customer interaction.

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