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 Elevate Security Unveils New Research Shedding Light on Characteristics of Employees Most and Least Likely to Cause the Next Security Incident

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Elevate Security, the first human risk management platform of its kind, today released the “Global Employee Risk Insights Report.” This groundbreaking research is the industry’s first global research report on employee security decisions and with statistical significance, shows that there are clear indicators that predict an employee’s security performance. The indicators explained in this first-of-its-kind report can help security teams understand which employees are most likely to fall into breach categories, increase understanding of good and bad security performance, and adopt effective interventions to increase or decrease security controls based on employees’ past security decisions.

The report shares the biggest indicators that identify employees who are least and most susceptible to fall for phishing attacks – in fact, the data shows those who are most likely to click on a phishing email are short-tenured contractors on large teams.

“For decades, employee’s day-to-day security decisions have caused the greatest risk and challenge for the security industry and yet it remains one of the most unexplored areas of security,” said Robert Fly, CEO, Elevate Security. “This initial report only scratches the surface of actionable insights we will share with the security community in the months to come.”

Outlining why security teams need to look beyond phishing emails as a single source of employee risk, the report shares insightful indicators of employee’s security performance, highlights characteristics of employees who are least likely to adopt a password manager, the correlation between training and risky security decisions and explains why traditional security training falls short on reducing risk. By identifying the types of employees most likely to fall victim to various threat vectors, security leaders can increase the effectiveness of their security controls by adopting a risk-based approach to deploying them.

This analysis anonymized over 1.5 million employee security decisions leveraging Elevate Security’s unique and proprietary cross-company data set. This inaugural report will be part of a series of follow on reports.

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