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Elevēo Recognized as One of Nashville’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2020

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Elevēo has been recognized as #26 on the list of ‘100 Fastest Growing Companies in Nashville’ for 2020, according to Growjo.

Elevēo’s ranking is based on factors including annual revenue growth, annual sales & financials, valuation increases, hiring announcements and job openings. Rankings are derived by both metrics achieved in the past year and predicted future growth.

“I believe this ranking validates our genuine love for our people, customers, and partners. When it comes to taking care of people and making a positive impact we’re definitely on the right track,” says Elevēo CEO Brian Shore. “Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the Country. The business environment here is extremely dynamic, so being included in a list of fastest growing companies is a wonderful compliment and recognition of our strategy and ability to execute.”

About Elevēo:

Elevēo was formed to provide effective, simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. Our products provide only features needed to elevate contact center operations & processes, are built using modern frameworks and cloud-native technologies that scale & move with your business. Elevēo products are birthed from ZOOM International with its rich WFO history and award-winning products, services and reputation for service. Elevēo ® is a registered trademark of ZOOM International.

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