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Elliptic Labs and Infineon Partner Together to Deliver New Capabilities for IoT, Consumer Electronics, and Automotive Markets

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Elliptic Labs, a global AI software company and virtual smart sensors world leader, announced today the extension of the partnership with Infineon Technologies AG, a world leader in semiconductor solutions, adding support for Infineon’s mmWave Radar sensor to Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Hub™. This collaboration delivers new capabilities such as breathing and heartbeat detection, in addition to Elliptic Labs’ already established presence and gesture detection capacities. To learn more about this partnership, visit or

Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Hub uses patented algorithms, proprietary machine learning tools, and sensor fusion to aggregate data output from any single-function hardware sensor, making them more intelligent. Using these smarter sensors, Elliptic Labs-powered devices offer wellness monitoring, reduced power consumption, improved device security, and data communications, giving users devices that improve their lives with convenience, safety, and sustainability.

“Heartbeat detection, breathing, and presence detection are just a few use-cases available to devices since our partnership has been extended to Infineon’s mmWave radar chips and our Virtual Smart Sensor Hub. Together, Elliptic Labs and Infineon bring contextual awareness to the next level, underscoring the importance of continually adding new features to future-proof modern devices, which are expected to operate faultlessly in a wide range of situations,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs.

“We are excited about the new capabilities we will be able to offer our customers through this partnership with Elliptic Labs. Infineon’s mmWave radar solutions combined with Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Hub will deliver a high-end solution to OEMs eager to create more intelligent devices,” said Jens Reinstädt, (Director Product Marketing) of Infineon Technologies.

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Elliptic Labs AI software makes sensors and technology more intelligent through its Virtual Smart Sensor Hub for IoT, smartphone, laptop and automotive markets. With 100M+ Elliptic Labs-powered devices, the Virtual Smart Sensor Hub delivers wellness monitoring, contextual awareness, touch-free interaction, increased sustainability by reducing energy consumption, scalable to support billions of devices. The Virtual Smart Sensor Hub uses machine learning and/or sensor fusion, combining ultrasound with data aggregated from all on-device sensors. Headquartered in Norway, with operations in the United States, China, South Korea and Japan, its employees throughout the world are motivated by common core values of diligence, innovation and integrity. Visit: