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Elo Showcases Industry-Leading Android-Based Solutions at 2019 Restaurant Show, Bolstering its Unified Architecture Platform

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a leading global supplier of interactive technology solutions, today
announced their robust Android-powered self-service, kitchen display and
POS terminal solutions are to be showcased at the 2019 Restaurant Show
in Chicago. Elo’s Android-based solutions help restaurants worldwide
modernize and align each touchpoint to enhance the customer experience,
while simplifying deployment, management and security of in-store
systems. In this mobile-first world, Elo is equipping restaurants with a
unified architecture – built on a mobile OS – that allows them to
choose, configure, connect and control their Android-powered devices to
create a bespoke experience.

Elo’s leadership in Android-based solutions is backed by a network of
more than 50 independent software vendors. The company’s commercially
focused software development kit enables customers and partners to
develop a single software image or app to be deployed across Elo’s full
line of Android-based products. This further cements Elo’s ability to
offer a unified platform for businesses.

“Elo’s restaurant customers demand a unified approach in creating
employee and customer experiences across a variety of applications, like
point-of-sale, self-service or kitchen display systems,” said Dan
Ludwick, executive vice president, products and technology, Elo. “Our
explosive growth in Elo Android-based device shipments over the past
four years is indicative of our leadership in Android. Through this
expertise, Elo allows customers to create a secure and curated
experience with touchpoint configuration freedom, mix-and-match systems,
and homogeneous environment manageability.”

Elo’s Android Approach is Enterprise-Ready

From in-store interaction and point of sale to self-service, wayfinding,
corporate, hospitality and restaurants, companies trust Elo’s Android
systems to deliver enhanced interactive user experiences. Elo’s focus on
security, resilient products, long lifecycles, and extended support make
its Android-based solutions enterprise-ready. By leveraging Elo’s
unified architecture, organizations can easily configure, connect and
control an entire network of interactive devices to deliver the
experience customers and employees expect with the adaptability their IT
teams need.

Elo’s interactive touchscreens are available in sizes ranging from 10 to
70 inches and can be configured with any choice of Elo Edge Connect™
peripherals. The touchscreens are designed to offer versatility across
environments with the durability to meet the demands of continuous
public use.

With EloView®, Elo customers can securely deploy and manage a large
network of interactive Android-connected systems, reducing operating
costs. With a simple drag-and-drop, devices across any number of
locations can be updated seamlessly from one central point. Content
delivery can be scheduled ahead of time, or pushed through to make
real-time changes. With one architecture, EloView customers can align
devices to the same OS and management platform creating a coherent
digital fabric while realizing significant cost and complexity reduction.

Elo to Showcase Android Capabilities at the 2019 Restaurant Show with
Taco Bell

The Elo booth at the 2019 Restaurant Show will include Taco Bell’s
self-order kiosk solution, demonstrating the app ordering and the
Cantina store experiences. Taco Bell uses EloView software to simplify
deployment, management and security of the kiosk devices and content,
helping to create a consistent experience across each customer visit.
The deployed touchscreen displays include Elo’s versatile 22-inch
I-Series, built for high-traffic environments. The Taco Bell kiosk
program deployment began in Q4 of 2018 with kiosks now deployed in over
3,500 Taco Bell locations in the U.S. Going forward, Taco Bell will
continue rolling out the self-service kiosks throughout its physical
restaurants with plans to be in over 6,500+ locations that can be
controlled from one central location. They are on track to complete this
rollout in 2019.

Attending the 2019 Restaurant Show? Stop by Elo’s booth #10012 to learn
more about Elo’s Android
for Enterprise

About Elo

As a leading global supplier of interactive solutions, #EloIsEverywhere.
To date, we have deployed more than 25 million installations in over 80
countries. A new Elo touchscreen
is installed every 21 seconds somewhere in the world. Built on a unified
architecture, Elo’s broad portfolio allows Elo customers to choose,
configure, connect and control devices to create a unique experience.
Choose from all-in-one systems, open-frame
monitors and touchscreen
ranging from 10 to 70 inches. Configure with our unique Elo
Edge Connect
peripherals that allow use-specific solutions. Connect
and control with EloView,
a secure cloud-based platform for Android-powered
devices. EloView enables secure deployment and management of a large
network of interactive systems designed to reduce operating costs while
increasing up-time and security. Consumers can find Elo touchscreen
solutions in self-service
, point-of-sale
, interactive
, gaming machines, hospitality systems, point-of-care
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