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Elucid Bio’s vascuCAP enters IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

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Elucid Bioimaging Inc. (“Elucid Bio”) today announced that vascuCAP, Elucid Bio’s AI-enabled software for evaluating atherosclerotic plaque stability from CTA, has been added to the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace, an IBM Watson Health® solution.

The IBM Imaging AI Marketplace provides streamlined access to meaningful AI technologies designed to support leaders working in radiology and cardiology. The marketplace is designed to support healthcare providers with a solution to address the complex problem of finding, purchasing, deploying and managing innovative AI imaging applications.

“We are very excited to work with IBM Watson Health to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease by expanding access to our software,” said Blake Richards, CEO of Elucid Bio. vascuCAP is the only histologically-validated tool for objective quantitation of atherosclerotic plaque for the coronary, carotid, aorta, and femoral arteries. Interim results of the CRISP study (NCT04448353) demonstrated vascuCAP’s AI technology significantly outperformed stenosis-based guidelines in predicting risk of major adverse neurological events. The PoSTCARD (NCT04439643) trial demonstrated similar effects for predicting major adverse cardiovascular events.

“We are proud to help support meaningful advancements in the application of AI,” said Mandy Long, Vice President of Product and Strategy for IBM Watson Health Imaging & Oncology. “By partnering with Elucid and offering vascuCAP through the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace, we are demonstrating our continuous commitment to diagnostic imaging in helping clinicians gain critical clinical insights in their delivery of care.

About vascuCAP

The vascuCAP software analyzes routinely-available CT angiograms to characterize plaque tissues in a manner that could previously only be done with a tissue specimen. Its algorithms are validated by expert pathologists using a biobank of tissue specimens as an objective truth standard. As a result, vascuCAP is the only method to use specific tissues in its AI models. The analysis is performed on-site in minutes, delivering information that enables physicians to make more informed and objective decisions about which patients would be most likely to benefit from procedural intervention or intensive therapeutics.

About Elucid Bioimaging, Inc.

Elucid Bio is a Boston-based medical technology company using AI to provide physicians with a cost-effective means to optimize treatment decisions for patients with known or suspected cardiovascular disease. The company’s vascuCAP® software is the first tool to quantify atherosclerotic plaque against histology, deliver key arterial measures, and provide 3D visualization to inform risk of event: stroke or heart attack. vascuCAP’s unique information informs better treatment decisions by physicians, leading to better patient outcomes at a reduced cost of care. vascuCAP is available for commercial use in the U.S. and Europe.