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Emerge Diagnostics & DoctorNow Develop First Telemedicine Independent Medical Evaluations

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Emerge Diagnostics and DoctorNow have partnered to offer the first telemedicine Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs).

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CDC, are the single largest category of workplace injuries and are responsible for almost 30% of all worker’s compensation claims costing over $50 billion annually.

With restrictions on in-person interaction, companies are looking toward telemedicine as an alternative to traditional care methods. This partnership creates a more objective IME evaluation (an “Integrated IME EFA”) that differs from any other IME as it uses Emerge’s proprietary telemedicine and Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) technology to provide additional patient information.

This technology enables “virtual palpation” for a more objective assessment, which is a critical component of the physician’s evaluation process that was, until now, impossible via telemedicine or any other remote/virtual platform. This is the first objective IME program available nationally as well as internationally.

MaryRose Reaston, Ph.D. CEO, President, Emerge Diagnostics, is excited about the partnership. “We are pleased to bring the Integrated IME EFA to our award-winning telemedicine platform. With COVID-19 health concerns impacting the traditional in-person evaluation process, we are now able to provide remote doctors with the critical information they need to evaluate their patients properly. We hope that the many people who have been reluctant to see a doctor will now receive the quality care they deserve via our virtual clinics and the Integrated IME EFA. Emerge now offers a complete suite of virtual services, including DoctorTriage, clinics, and IMEs. The integrated IME EFA is an invaluable step in continuing patient care by allowing examinations to continue and providing objective information.”

Emerge Diagnostics, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, delivers a new way to determine the location and age of soft tissue injuries. The company provides EFA and EFA-STM evaluations, plus a suite of virtual solutions: DoctorTriage, virtual clinics, and virtual COVID-19 telemedicine assessments with follow up as well as virtual IMEs.

DoctorNow, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a telemedicine company that provides custom solutions to clients in all 50 states with innovative and custom solutions for employers, insurers, and workers comp service providers.