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EMnify introduces Cloud Connect – Enabling Enterprises to Use Cloud-native Services to Integrate Cellular IoT Connectivity

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EMnify, the first IoT connectivity and platform provider to have embraced a truly cloud-native deployment model, is extending its competitive advantage with launching EMnify Cloud Connect. EMnify’s Cloud Connect service targets enterprises with application and infrastructure deployed on any of the major cloud computing platforms, or within on-premise or hybrid clouds.

As a recent industry report from Berg Insight confirms, cloud platforms are becoming the center of gravity for IoT enterprises. In addition to improved availability and elasticity, enterprises deployed in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud benefit from comprehensive frameworks, that cover everything from data storage to security, which let their application developers work faster and more effectively.

EMnify, as an IoT MVNO, were the first to provide their cellular connectivity service based on their in-house developed connectivity management platform and cloud-native core network. The EMnify core network is deployed across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific for global low latency data transport.

With the launch of Cloud Connect, EMnify enables enterprises to connect their virtual private cloud and networks seamlessly to their IoT devices equipped with an EMnify SIM and capitalize on cloud-native services. EMnify Cloud Connect not only provides state-of-the-art secure authentication and encryption of device data but gives customers secure remote access for device troubleshooting and reconfiguration without requiring a VPN client on the device itself.

“EMnify Cloud Connect builds upon the AWS Transit Gateway and is more reliable and scalable than alternatives like VPN appliances or even VPC peering.” explains Martin Giess, CTO of EMnify. “It also complements EMnify Data Streamer, a feature that provides real-time information about data connectivity status, network change, volume and cost via a Kinesis data stream.”

“The cloud first hosted computing resources and storage, before applications and services were also moved (into the cloud). Only hardware and connectivity have been missing so far… until now. Thanks to EMnify Cloud Connect and Data Streamer, we are proud to provide cellular connectivity as a service that is fully available in the cloud ecosystem” says Frank Stöcker, CEO of EMnify.

Using EMnify Cloud Connect, enterprises that already have their IoT application deployed in the cloud and are familiar with web services are able to perform integration, that would otherwise have been a project requiring weeks, in minutes.

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